Brave Rewards - unsupported country for Brave Creators with Uphold,

Tenho uma conta verificada para receber tokens “bat” pelo Youtube. Minha conta estava tudo certo e recebendo até hoje eu perceber que tinha um aviso novo:
It looks like you’re in an unsupported country for Brave Creators with Uphold, so your channels won’t appear as verified. However, once your country is supported, you’ll automatically become verified and be eligible to receive payouts to your Uphold account.

Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold is available for accounts registered in the following countries:

  1. Andorra
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Canada
  6. Colombia
  7. Cyprus
  8. Denmark
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Iceland
  13. Ireland
  14. Italy
  15. Liechtenstein
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malta
  18. Monaco
  19. New Zealand
  20. Norway
  21. Poland
  22. Portugal
  23. Singapore
  24. Spain
  25. Sweden
  26. Switzerland
  27. United Kingdom
  28. United States

minha dúvida é porque meu País ficou de fora e qual motivo para isso? Até porque eu estava usando normalmente e hoje quando entrei para verificar meu saldo tinha esse novo aviso que meu país não faz parte? Porque não posso receber no Brasil???

Your answer is in the post you made itself. You can see that Brazil is not on the list. Therefore, you can’t connect Uphold to Brave rewards and creators. You will be able to once Brazil is supported again. Probably this will happen pretty soon. Your BATs will be safe in the creators account.

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Minha resposta não está na pergunta!!!
Minha pergunta é sobre o motivo que levou a suspender meu país da lista de países aceitos?
Até porque eu estava usando normalmente e de uma hora para outra sem explicação da Brave!!!
Se alguém souber motivo do Brasil ser removido??

No one knows for sure.
some reasons are →

  • Rules & Regulations put forth by your country’s government. That could mean changes in terms and conditions for Uphold & Gemini with Brave.

  • Frauds/Scams. Many people buy accounts so as to skip KYC/AML.

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@alanjulio Long story short, it isn’t just Brazil. They removed many countries around the world while they are making changes with custodial partners, Uphold and Gemini. They are also increasing fraud prevention, improving on pay systems, making sure to work out some issues/complaints governments were having, and having to monitor/adjust for new government regulations around the world.

When these steps are completed for each country, then support will be added again. You are just now posting but this happened back in July, so this shouldn’t be new to you. I and others have also been answering questions and sharing information on a regular basis. Such as my topic that I update weekly over at PSA: Unsupported Region


Obrigado a você e todos que responderam.
Eu continuo achando estranho isso acontecer sem um aviso antecipado da brave via email ou no próprio site brave rewards, e como você disse que desde Julho isso está dessa forma, mas eu só percebi hoje esse aviso no site, eu estava recebendo e enviado bat normalmente e ainda tenho saldo pendente a receber. Agora é só aguarda e esperar resolução desse problema com Brave Rewardds.
Não tenho muito oque fazer a não aguarda e torcer para voltar o Brasil para lista. :crossed_fingers:

@alanjulio I do need to make one correction. Rewards has been this way since July. Creators is newly changed to match this. They should have gone hand in hand at the beginning but Brave was trying to leave things open for Creators. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of people abusing this, trying to circumvent restrictions by tipping themselves or friends, only to withdraw for themselves. This created a lot of backlash in countries where some changes needed to be made for regulations.

Now, one of the things that’s causing issues are people who are creating groups where they are providing “middle man services” to have people send tips to them and then to pay them directly on an exchange in their area, all for a service fee. This is a loophole and one that can be attacked as allowing “money laundering” by governments, which poses a substantial criminal fine for businesses not taking action to prevent it. In addition, there were a lot of buying/selling accounts and identities.

These behaviors have been some of the primary things delaying the addition of countries again. That said, Brave believes that Brazil and/or Turkey should hopefully be getting added again here within the next few weeks. The goal is also to still have most countries added again by the end of the year. We’ll just have to see how that goes, as it seems new issues keep arising which cause greater delays.


Why did you delete my post? I asked why you suddenly cut us off while you are still earning with ads on our websites? Are you trying to say we were all cheaters or what are you trying to do? I asked here and you deleted my post, I send you email and you are not responding.

I am asking again: We publishers who provided valid and accurate info and have been serving your ads for years were cut off, without a warning and without explanation why are you still serving ads and earning with our websites while we are unable to withdraw BATs. Can you now tell me if you will keep our money and where is the guarantee we will ever be able to withdraw?

You will certainly be able to withdraw. People from unsupported regions are always able to once it’s supported back.

Who guarantees that? Note that my country was supported for years. And what happens if my country will never be supported again? Money that is in Brave account, who will get it?

Not sure about the never supported. If your region is supported again you will certainly get the payout. Im from India (Unsupported Region). I was able to withdraw BATs once Brave started allowing priorly connected profiles to connect to Gemini again (irrespective of the geo location).

What Saoiray said makes sense to some extent but! You cannot just disable your publishers who were active with you for years. We were okay for years but now you realized we maybe are cheaters and let’s block everyone??? Since when do you block whole country if you suspect some people are not ok and besides that how come you are accepting only most developed countries? Sorry to say but I think you are having problems with your business model and doing what you do now will only cause you more harm. It is not right and no one treats old good clients like you do.

You don’t understand. I am saying I (and many others) have money in Brave account and it was earned even before their decision. You cannot just TAKE IT. Saying ‘you will get payout if my region is supported again’ is same like stealing your money. Is it my fault that my region was ok for years and it is suddenly not? Advertisers paid for banner impressions on my website and Brave will take 100%? You understand?

You can’t block individual accounts. That would take a lot of time to just go through each account and assessing if they are genuine or not. They basically made the decision to stop supporting some regions because they couldn’t keep things in control.

I understand. But you can’t do anything about it, can you?

Also this whole ‘Rewards Program’ is unprecedented. Never seen or done before. It’s fine that it has hickups on the way. It’ll take time to get things perfect. Till then be patient!

What has my account with to do with my region? I was good publisher for 2 year and I am not? What I am saying is that this is fishy. They took the money that is not theirs. They should send payments and say “your region is not supported, your ads are disabled”. Instead of that they are earning and not paying a share to Publishers. That’s illegal. We will see how it ends but from my experience it won’t end up good for Brave.

LOL I have been their publisher for years. Stop coming with new excuses. I will wait a bit then report them. This is not the way to do business.

They will pay you every bat once your region is supported. Basically the BATs you earn in the unsupported region period is on hold. It’ll be released once your region is supported.

I’m not giving excuses. Stating facts. Maybe the truth hurts, doesn’t it?