Updates on new countries for Brave Rewards?

Hello, the last update we had was February and it’s already May. Despite having a verified Uphold account, BAT doesn’t recognize my country and says it’s unavailable in my region.

In that case, do we have updates on new countries they’ve started servicing to?

I used to receive BAT with no problem before, until the change this pandemic. What happened?

Well, depends on how you look at things. I’ve been giving updates as I speak to people at Brave. Last update was 9 days ago, though it was saying they still don’t know anything. So not sure how you want to take that. You can follow topic for updates over at PSA: Unsupported Region - #392 by Saoiray

Originally I was keeping all data on the original post but I ran out of space, so now have to scroll to the bottom of comments for latest. If you’d like to follow that topic, it can alert you when new comments are made. I also have it locked now so nobody else can comment, so it wouldn’t spam you with anything.

@Saoiray Thanks! It’s getting frustrating now, since as you said, it’s been 5 months since we last had countries added to the list. It baffles me even more that countries serviced by Uphold aren’t recognized by Brave. It’s just so frustrating. But thank you for making that post and for updating it! It helps a lot, although the frustration is still there because Brave itself isn’t doing anything about it.

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