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Well, rip brave. Germany was not able to create uphold account for almost 2 years now. Yet I had one and could use brave with it.
Now it is even restricted on Braves side. This is some Horse dung. As if we are not punished enough with a blatantly incompetent government that literally is out for the last cent we have in our wallets and have to likely freeze this winter, even Brave goes such a dumb way.
I dont get the issue. Me as a german resident which is restricted by uphold already(no new accounts) that had an account since before the restriction took place, had no issue what so ever to send money from german bank to uphold and vice versa, had 0 issues with brave and uphold over the past 2 years.
Now they decide to just eff us over. Well done Brave… If you continue like this, you wont go far.
Strangely you deny me to re-verify my PC for arbitrary reason, yet my phone is still linked and working fine from within germany.
You could at least have given people an alternative before you decided to bend over so money people.
We all know, the bats we “earn” now being unverified will not be paid back into the browser wallet in full. You will deduct half of it and only god knows where that money goes. Great job, keep it up…
I am so frustrated about this. Being here for so long, helping so many people on forums. Getting my friends from all over the world to use Brave. For what? getting bend over without the decency of even using lube.


Yeah, but shouldn’t be that way permanently. They went crazy on withdrawing from regions. They are going to be bringing stuff back, just is a question of how many months from now.

I’m kind of curious to see what we find out in the long run. A lot of people have been getting upset but I’m kind of on the fence. I think where I’m holding out the most is they had announced not long before all of this that they were switching Rewards and adding options that would even make Backup & Restore unnecessary. One employee even made comments that suggested that they may actually be allowing Brave Wallet somehow. They walked it back quick though (meaning person making it sound like Brave Wallet stopped saying so and avoids it, as if it’s not happening after all…but it’s always the won’t affirm or deny attitude) and nobody is really wanting to explain what they have in motion. They did say it would be a new exchange/partnership and that it should make everyone incredibly happy. But until they get it ready and announce officially, it’s definitely annoying.

As to current regions, I guess I have lots of random thoughts. Sometimes wonder if Brave got penalized for not doing things right, if they are preemptively making adjustments before getting in trouble, if changes are occurring because they are adding competition and/or withdrawing from existing partners, or what? There’s a million different scenarios we can guess at. But I do hear you, it’s frustating to deal with all of this crap in the interim.


Still getting the error, I live in Denmark, which is on the list of support countries.

Yeah, that shouldn’t be the case. Is your account with whoever you’re trying to use verified for you in Denmark? If it is and you’re still getting the unsupported region notice, then there’s not much we can do on a User side. The only step really available, to my knowledge, is to submit a Support Ticket and wait for them to get back to you.

I’ve noticed they seem to be falling behind a bit on tickets, with some not being answered even after 2-3 weeks. Hopefully they can get to yours and handle quick, but do be advised that you may be waiting a while…at least until sometime after the current payout completes. Basically, expect the worst and hope for the best in terms of their response time.

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On 1st August, I got an email from Uphold, requesting a new KYC. Since then, I’m verified again. I’m in Switzerland, a country that is not in the updated list of 3rd August.
On 5 August, I received the full BAT rewards for July.

I was unlinked like 1 week ago at least.
I am happy to report though, the Bats still went to uphold at least for July. Guess next month it wont anymore.

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If the problem is fixed, will our invisible BAT coins come back? (I’m from Türkiye.)

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Well, once a region is supported again, and you verify again, your bats that accumulated in your browser should get send out to uphold/gemini.
So the answer to your question should be YES.



it’s a matter of politics, basically. so there’s no reason to point fingers at Brave for being unable to override it, it’s beyond anyone’s control and simply unrealistic to demand something like that. especially, considering the Rewards system is one of the strongest selling features about this browser, and the team wouldn’t dare leaving it aside, we’re all in this together and patience is key here.

so, let me get this straight: the rewards will continue to accumulate on our browser accounts, with no expiry date, and once this issue is resolved, we will be able to claim the BATs, no matter how much?

This was a huge mistake you made. We’ve explained this before, it’s the decision between you, but I won’t fall for this “Hey, you can’t withdraw the money, but you can keep getting the rewards” Our Brave adventure is here. I wish you good luck with your valid countries

Correct. Only exception to expiration date is you have to claim it monthly. If you suddenly go AWOL and don’t claim, any unclaimed BAT goes away after a certain time. I forget how long it is, but it’s like 90+ days I think. But as long as you’re actively using it and claiming BAT, you’ll have it stored in the browser. (which means can’t uninstall the browser, factory reset the device, etc. If you do that, need to make sure you do a backup of your \brave-browser folder, otherwise BAT stored in the browser itself will be erased when you reinstall/reset)


right. just, please, enlighten me here

how can I claim the rewards monthly if I can’t - due to this whole conundrum - log in with my Gemini account (which, as far as my understanding goes, is the only way of claiming them)?

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When Philippines? I used to connect my brave to uphold but since it became unavailable I have to create a gemini wallet … but honestly I’m more comfortable with uphold …

I also have this question, how will I claim the rewards if I can’t connect due to country restriction. How will I claim my rewards in this case?


You keep the rewards in your browser until (if it ever happens) restrictions for your country are lifted.

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You should get a notice that your BAT has arrived and you’ll click Claim from your Brave Rewards. I think it makes you do a little captcha, but I can’t remember and haven’t had unverified in years. It then stores in your browser.

Nope, the only difference is with Gemini or Uphold, you’re able to remove the BAT from the browser, such as to exchange it into real money (fiat), send to someone else, or to swap to other crypto. When it’s “stuck” in the browser as an unverified browser, then BAT can only be used to tip Creators or just to sit there for whenever you are able to Verify and link to an exchange again.

@steeven Sorry to bother, but can you chime in on this. I want to make sure I’m remembering the process correctly for Unverified wallets. Do they still have to claim? Does it make them do a captcha? Anything special to know or that might have changed over the past year? Especially, for those who have been disconnected due to regional changes?

In according with this, my country (Colombia) is available, but the problem remains.

Hah, guess what? I had to look at your message and translate it. Your situation is common sense. It doesn’t tell you unsupported region or anything. It’s telling you to finish your verification process on Uphold. This means one of two things.

  1. You may not have sent the documentation to Uphold that they need to do KYC/AML. This would be things like submitting your passport or other type of identification.


  1. In your Profile inside Uphold, you may not have completed every detail. Such as address needs to be your complete mailing address. If you’re lacking ANY information inside your Uphold profile, then Brave won’t let you link.