Will Gemini ever open back up to other countries?

So i used to use Gemini for my rewards as they offered the best service and i believe they still do even though things have changed.
Upon getting a new phone i completely forgot that it was going to unlink my mobile from Gemini so now im stuck with it in limbo, still earning but unable to withdraw.

i tried creating a uphold account but i cant even get through the verification without problems and support doesnt seem overly helpful.

Basically my question is, is Gemini ever going to re-support the rest of the countries it used to? or should i just stop the rewards on mobile? just want to know if ill ever be able to withdraw them again.

Noone knows when / if Gemini will re enable regions for connecting to Brave Rewards.
For the time being, only Uphold will have faster progress on getting regions back it seems.
There are more updates at

What problem seems to occur? I might be able to help you with verification.

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