Restricted area

I’m unable to claim my brave rewards the uphold says that i live in a restricted area.
that same problem pertains in gemini too???

Your country is not supported. Your only option at the moment is to keep accumulating rewards in your wallet.

Brave is working to bring more countries back. You can follow more developments in the following post

well accumulating doesnt work very well coz the tokens expire if i dont claim them in a time period mentioned of somewhat 80 days or so

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No, they don’t. Unfortunately it seems a lot of people spread misinformation and/or just don’t pay attention to what they are shown. You are given 90 days to claim the BAT. Once claimed, there’s no expiration date. So if you can’t connect to Uphold or Gemini now, you’d be claiming them in the browser and it would be stored on your device.

Now, the big trick with that though is since BAT claimed will be stored on your device, if you end up doing anything like uninstalling Brave, doing a factory restore, lose your device, or anything of the sort then that means you’d also be losing the BAT. So if unsupported at this time, it will be a bit important to do backups of Brave so you don’t lose it.

thank you very very much for your valuable advice and support!

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