Crypto wallet for India

When will brave browser bring crypto wallet which support india user?

They are working on it.
You can check the

There you can find the latest info for unsupported regions.

@SmartyAadi yoo buddy !! any updated on INDIA getting back on supported regions, it’s been a while since I followed up with news here ?

Hey there. Nah man, been waiting for any updates. Unfortunately there’s none. All the updates (if any) are frequently posted at

You might wanna follow that topic for updates!

Why don’t browsers add bat tokens to Brave wallets for non-supported regions,until Brave brings crypto wallet to India?

That is because of

Also, its because they want to eliminate vBAT completely. They just want on - chain BATs to be there.
You can get more specifics at

The truth is, the brave browser doesn’t care and requires Indian users. Foolish brave browser doesn’t know about the Indian market, just dumb like Elon Musk.

It’s our own damn government making it hard for crypto to thrive in our country. Maybe you need to stop being so oblivious to facts.
Many crypto exchanges said that India is not a Viable market for them. Includes Binance and Coinbase (some big exchanges). If they didn’t care about Indian users, they wouldn’t have used money from their own reserves. Nowadays most ads are run by Brave themselves since not many companies wanna run ads nowadays. The ads by Brave are paid from their own reserves.

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How trust wallet and metamask many such wallets are already used by millions of indian.why they are not facing such issues.

Accept the truth, brave browser cheated India and a non-supported region in the name of a fake BAT token.

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For your information, India is the second largest crypto investor after the USA

Yes, that doesn’t change the fact that the government is not doing stuff to make it hard for crypto to grow. The exchanges have to do a whole lotta other stuff in India which they probably don’t need to in other regions. Basically its more complicated to operate here, thats what they are saying.

Maybe go and learn about differences between Custodial wallets and non - custodial wallets before doing baseless allegations.
I will be generous and link a post that could help.

Lmao. You think only India is unsupported? A bunch of european countries are unsupported too. It’s because of rules & regulations. No discrimination against India / Indians. A lot of countries were unsupported originally. They brought back around 33 countries back in the last 6 to 7 months. Countries like France, Brazil, Turkey are among them. Also, they stopped suppoeting the whole world back in June 2022, they brought back support gradually. Does that seem like cheating, huh ?
Also, they did their job. You get an ad blocker and a lot of other protection using the web for free. Over that you were earning BATs till they supported India, weren’t you ?

I am from India as well, I can understand your frustration. But, they’ve been sincerely trying to get India back as soon as possible.

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