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My Uphold account is verified in my browser at work but at home it is says unsupported. Is South Africa still a supported country? Why does in work in one browser and not the other. Does it have anything to do with my ISP (Rain)?

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Read about regions:

You’ve not understood my question, I have been using this for nearly 2 years without problems. Uphold has disconnected and won’t verify with Brave on my home pc as of a week ago. My pc at work is still verified. I work 1.5km from home. Why is one verified and the other won’t?


Read the info at the link that I provided, above.

In addition, there is a temporary issue:

Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking

Your now-unverified Brave Rewards account/wallet (lower-case ‘w’ meaning non-custodial) at home . . . should begin to receive vBAT, instead of BAT going to your account at Uphold.

You need to study:

in order to help you determine what to do, re your BAT accumulated in your account at Uphold.

@Saoiray is a Brave Community veteran who has written extensively, about Brave Rewards. I recommend your reading his replies.

After reviewing the ISP I will get back to you to discuss linking contribution. So everyone can stay connected sound great?

Hey, looks like I’m late to respond here. Sorry about that JHD. Have you figured out the answer yet?

If not, answer is South Africa is among MANY places that are restricted from linking Brave to Gemini or Uphold. The reason why one was verified is because you happened to link it prior to them preventing it, meaning you’d receive payments from that device until you become disconnected again. As to the other one which was disconnected, it wouldn’t have verified because of the new region restrictions.

They are planning on bringing back regions when they can, but we’re still looking at months before it happens. You can read more details at PSA: Unsupported Region

Both PC’s disconnected now. Guess it’s time to move back to chrome. Very disappointing!

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