HELP PLZ for - Your request is still being processed, please wait

I have a verified Uphold account which was previously linked to Android Brave Browser. But Today I found out its unlinked automatically. When I again tried to link Uphold in Brave, its showing this popup -
“Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.
Try Again.”
Please fix it so that I can link my uphold again.

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There’s a lot of things that might be going on, but we can’t go through any of the troubleshooting right now because nobody is able to connect to Uphold right now. When you get a chance, go read everything at PSA: Unsupported Region

That said, you can also feel free to submit a Support Ticket in case there’s anything that Brave can find ahead of time though, that way it’s ready when able to connect again.

Thanks a lot for your reply. just checked your post and My country is not in the restricted country list. Previously This same type of issue happened before with my uphold account because uphold device limit was exhausted. A community expert fixed it after checking my brave browser logs. But now he is not helping or replying. So posted to community for help. Also raised ticket as you told

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Guessing you skipped past one of the very important things in my post:

Which I can share that one again too,

It’s still unavailable.

Yeah, but device limits have been removed. So at least that isn’t it.

Not sure which person you’re referencing. As you can imagine though, they have been very busy lately. This is especially true with everyone complaining about the work that is going on around regional support. I’m assuming they just hadn’t been able to see your messages yet.

Awesome, at least they’ll be able to look over things and help you as best as possible.

And if you have time later, try to sit down and thoroughly read everything I said and linked in that other topic. I am also going to be updating things there as we learn more. They had said hopefully by the end of next week they’ll have Uphold back to at least the 19 countries in the restrictions.

Did you received a solution for this problem?

Have have the same issue…

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