Brave Creator Uphold not supported for India


I am from India and I have verified Uphold account. Uphold account was working fine with Brave Creator earlier but now a days I start getting error that, “It looks like you’re in an unsupported country for Brave Creators with Uphold.”
My query is that, when I already have verified account with uphold, why brave not allowing me to link brave creator with uphold. I tried contacting uphold also regarding the same, and they mentioned that I will have to contact brave support regarding the same.

Not true. Unfortunately Uphold support that you speak with is generally a “call center” type of thing where they only have generic information. India is still a supported region for Gemini so that’s what they’ll see.
It’s basically because of Uphold and Brave. It’s always a joint decision.
More updates on unsupported regions at

In the past Creators account and Rewards account had different rules. While rewards could not be supported, creators was still supported.
This has changed. Now, creators can only receive tips if they are in a supported country.
Saying so, although you have been using Uphold in the past, it is not possible any more if your country is not supported.

As far as I know, it is possible to connect from India to Gemini if you have had a connected Gemini account in the past. But not with Uphold.

As you can see below, India is not yet available with Uphold

The good news is that Brave is (still) trying hard to bring India back. So, do not loose your hopes.

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We are waiting for it, Want to see India listed.

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