Unsupported region with Indian context

I am living in India. When I try to connect Uphold with Brave it still shows that region unsupported. Its been more than a year. We have not got any update some of brave officials said that it will be done soon and the other says that brave is in talk with other wallet platform which will resolve the issue. But even today nothing is done. We are losing motivation to use brave browser. India is one of the largest market who uses brave but still Indians are facing delay


I understand your frustration since I’m from India too. But Brave has had to do this cause of the regulations set by our government making it hard for crypto to thrive. Also the frauds and scams from our region are too much.

Don’t think India is alone in this issue. A country like Germany too is in the same boat as us!

I know India is not alone in this. The fact is at first Uphold removes all the countries but they bring them back eventually. However, India being the largest consumer of service is not yet in the supported region. @SmartyAadi first understand the concern before jumping on to the keyboard.

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Hey man. Yes, I understood what you want to convey. But the answer is that they are having problems with regulations when trying to get India back. There’s more details at

I’ll request you to read through all updates since some have some key updates as to why things are being delayed for India.

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Why do you think that I have not gone through it. Everyone is smart enough to explore internet. The fact is he stopped posting updates after April 4 and for that I have raised the issue.

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There are literally no updates, so if there are none ? Why will he post about it ?

@SmartyAadi you are not at all smart enough to understand the issue. I have raised this issue only because he has no information. So that the core team or the representative of Brave browser can answer. He is not the member of core team. Get you facts clear. Get educated before ranting on internet.

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I guess you fail to understand my point. The updates posted by him are posted only after a Brave Community call which happens every Wednesday. Many brave team memebers attend it each week. So since they haven’t expressed any updates, there aren’t any.

Bro you need to correct your facts. And stop pointing your nose in other’s matter specially when you don’t have enough knowledge. You are not getting anything out of it. you are not at all looking cool. So please stay away and let the responsible/accountable person address the problem.

The last line says it all. That you guys never gonna add India back again.

hey!!! we should all get along, i think what we should be asking brave team is when are they dropping uphold for another better custodian?. Simple

@kelvin Dropping? Probably never.

Getting a different custodian? Same answer as my last. It’s not that it’s “Never” as Arkearn tried going on, but that it’s just taking a lot of time and things must not be going right. There’s been two times they said had good news and it was coming, but then it never happened. When asked they tried saying the delay happened because India’s regulations changed again and it caused delays.

It shouldn’t take years to get things resolved if a company really wants to make it happen. My assumption, which may be wrong, is that either companies don’t want to work with Brave (such as because there’s little to no profit for them) -and/or- Brave is being way too demanding in their fee arrangements and contract.

  • Do I think it’s going to happen soon, as in a matter of weeks? Nope.
  • Do I trust Brave when they say “soon?” Nope. They’ve been saying that way too long without updates or success.
  • Do I think they really are trying? Yes.
  • Do I think it is a high priority? Nope
  • Do I think they can do better? Yes

Essentially I’ve just gotten to the point of saying, “it’ll happen when it happens.” Everyone asking for timelines are essentially asking for the impossible. Until Brave can get a solid contract with someone, there’s not much else to be said or done.


No offence bro, but this is the first time i’m totally, completely agreeing with u.
well said :+1:t5:


How can you

I strictly condemn the comment made by @Saoiray on India. The official should look into it. It is against the community guidlines. Being an Indian I cannot listen anything against India or Indians.

The comment made by @Saoiray is inappropriate and unfair. It is not justified to judge an entire country based on the actions of a few individuals. Making generalizations and stereotypes about a specific country is both disrespectful and discriminatory.

Furthermore, assuming that people who complain about rewards are only motivated by wanting more money is an oversimplification. There can be various reasons why individuals express their concerns or dissatisfaction. It could be related to the fairness of the rewards system, the quality of the service or product provided, or other valid concerns. Dismissing their feedback as mere greed is dismissive and undermines their right to voice their opinions.

Additionally, attributing fraud solely to a specific country is also unjust. Fraudulent activities can occur anywhere in the world, and it is essential to address them without unfairly targeting a particular nation or its citizens.

It is important to engage in discussions with an open mind, without resorting to stereotypes or generalizations. Constructive dialogue requires understanding and respect for diverse perspectives, acknowledging that individuals’ concerns can stem from a variety of reasons, and addressing those concerns appropriately.


First of all, you made a god damn topic insulting everyone for just trying to provide true and accurate answers about something which has answers. You don’t wanna listen to the actual answers, you wanna listen to answers which you want ( Which is India being added in the next few weeks ). Maybe, its you who is being inappropriate and a spam. Stop making stup i d posts.
I am Indian,and have been here for a while, people have literally said that their income from Brave rewards has stopped since India became unsupported, so he’s right. Maybe grow up and start accepting facts.

Again you are not required here. because of you guys who try to be over smart on internet, people from other country cuss India. You should be ashamed of being an India. Some one is saying bad about your country and you are writing this to me. You are irrelevant.

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Further, mind your own business teenager.

lmao, I am Indian, guess what there’s been this scammer named Sandeep on the community trying to get people having problems,contact him through a dubious support chat which he uses to get Word phrase for people’s brave wallets by asking them to share with him and all. That’s just top of my head. There’s been plenty others from India too. There’s been this one guy who DM’ ed me long back asking if I wanted a Uphold/Gemini account when India was supported back then just so that I can bypass KYC ( which is fraud too )
Yes, I agree that not all are scammers. Many are good people too, and I would apologise on Saoiray’s behalf, but I assure you, he did not mean anything deep about it. He just stated some facts, he never said that India is a scam country, did he ?

Yes, there’s a lot of fraud from all countries but if you just go to Youtube and type scammer in the search, you’ll see Indians, which is heartbreaking for me. I don’t want my country to be portrayed this way too, just like you.

Saoiray has just stated facts about why there have been considerable and numerous hiccups for getting India back as a supported region.
TBH, if you got triggered by whatever he said, you haven’t been on the Internet long enough. I’ve heard worse insults man.

Cause I make it a point to digest facts, even if harsh or bitter unlike you kid

Please read the message as a whole. I have explicitly used word “GENERALIZATION”. Please search the meaning of this word before commenting.