After 3y my region is discontinued from Rewards (?)

Helloz,skipping of the questions every single program is the newest. Android,skin and Brave(rc) as well.

5min ago i have been disconnected from my brave reqards and aftwr veryfi myself on uphold i got pop up that my region is not allowed to claims rewards. For more like 3 years everything was fine (about region) and now its discountinued ? Or its some kind of bug?
Here is screen cause cant be uploaded dunno why

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Its weird that i cant claims rewards for ads that i have seen. Like always its have to be problem on amlost end of processing?
Showing ads? Nooo probleeemo
Try to claim? angry minion emote :slight_smile:

Same here. After using Brave browser to get reward for 1 year. My wallet got disconnected from brave yesterday. Now I can’t claim BAT rewards. When I try to connect to my wallet (Gemini or Uphold) the system says your region (India) is supported to accept BAT rewards.
Why is that?
Please resolve this soon Brave Team.


@Mattches I am also facing same issue. Please resolve this issue.

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Shows region not supported. From estonia.

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Check this

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Hello, I am wondering if there is any interest in setting up a Gemini wallet or if it is time to find a new browser. All of this is taking far too long. The region is obviously not supported. Too bad, I thought I had discovered a great browser, but then this one.

the rewards system stinks,unless your in the supported regions.

Thanks for sharing it my guy, well its another reason to Vivaldi become main browser. It was fine so they have to change it for no reason. Buying cryptos on Gemini and Uphold is reasonable why they change which u can buy and which dont. But for what regions than could have more and more become smaller? xd

Well, it has to do with regulations and so on in certain countries. And it depends on the custodians(uphold, gemini) in which countries they allow this. Due to regulations and so on in certain countries.
Those are more to blame than Brave. They just follow the regulations. Sad but true. Obviously they dont want to act against laws and so on since they dont want to get themself into a pickle.

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