Additional setting for unsupported country when trying to verify their reward

I’m from indonesia, i got 50 BAT clicking add from Brave Browser and i love it but the problem is Gemini and Uphold is not allowed in my country and it is effecting my verification when i tried to claim the rewards, as for now no further additional support for this since 2019.
I write this topic in case the community know what is the dev plan on doing about this issue.
That’s all for now, thanks :blush:

Short version = Bring regions back eventually, when they are able. Some will come faster than others. Hoping to get most added back by the end of the year.

Long version = You may want to check my Topic which is linked below. I provide updates and information as we learn more. It starts with the newest info and then goes back in time, you’ll just have to click on the dates to read that day’s updated info.

Thanks for the reply, my energy is back again :joy:, i will grind those adds as much as i can and wait for the update.
Appreciate it thank you

Yep. Btw, you may also want to check out different topic I made today.

One of the main interesting points is they are getting a new exchange that should be coming sometime in the near future. The other is that early next year, they are going to make Rewards become part of Brave Wallet!!!

So they are definitely working on options to get BAT to everyone. Also the part about next year means they’ll be decentralizing BAT even more. Lots to look forward to and be excited on. We just have to deal with inconveniences for however long they exist this year.

Interesting, gonna watch it now and thanks again for the reply appreciate it :pray:

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