Brave Rewards in germany

Hey, I have a problem or much more a question regarding Brave Rewards.

I live in Germany and therefore can not verify my Brave Rewards account.
Now my question would be, if there is a possibility to verify my account from Germany in the near future or if there is at least a possibility to withdraw the money in a different way.

Germany atleast as far as I know, is in a weird & tricky situation. Its because of the rules & regulations you guys have that is causing Crypto to be hard in Germany. Brave said that they’ll talk to the wallet providers though. Don’t know about if / any progress is being made.

Not sure. They had mentioned a long while ago that there’s gonna be a new wallet provider coming but they’ve been silent about that so not sure whats happening.

Got these updates from

The answer to both is likely no. Whenever they are asked, the official answer is they don’t know and Germany is a very complex situation.

That said, with Gemini not offering accounts and Uphold no longer accepting new accounts, the chances of Germany being supported any time soon is starting to seem very unlikely. Hence why I, unofficially, am saying the answer seems to be no.

In terms of other ways to remove BAT, there are none. Unfortunately they have no additional custodial partners at this time. They have talked about adding another one, but ever since they mentioned it nearly 5 months ago, they have provided no further updates. So who it is, when it’s coming, or anything else is all speculation.

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