Brave stuck in "unsopprtet region"

Briefly describe your issue:
i can’t connect Brave Rewards to uphold anymore, because suddenly my region is not supportet anymore (on my phone for example my region is supported :slight_smile: (Germany))

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?

** Operation System**
Windows 11 v22H2 Build 22622.601
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22634.1000.0

Version 1.45.78 (Beta)
Chromium: 106.0.5249.65 (Offizieller Build) beta (64-Bit)

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
It was verified before this situation i have now.

What date did you verify your wallet?
Sorry idk, i can’t find it anywhere.

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?
Yes. (Germany)

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??

Unfortunately, Germany is not a supported country.

Brave is trying to bring some countries back. But Germany is a special case due to regulations. It will be a while until they find a solution.

You can find more information in the following post

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That is because Uphold / Gemini have currently halted operations in Germany, they aren’t allowing new users to create accounts. That is because of the rules & regulations you guys have and also probably other things.

That is because accounts already verified / connected will remain connected for the 90 /120 days cap till it disconnects for security reasons. So if your phone was connected before they Uphold / Gemini halted operations, then tis is the reason.

I’ve already asked for support for the same problem and have got the answer that Turkey is not a supported region anymore and that I should wait till it’d be taken to the list back. OK, I’m (was) waiting and still collecting BAT tokens by watching the ad’s in brave but at Sep 30th my collected BAT tokens are gone away. My Uphold wallet is not connected nor verified anymore because I’m in a non-supported region. So, where have my tokens gone if not to my wallet?


Oh okay, I see the problem, thanks.
But didn’t it only impact new accounts? Did they really have to remove existing ones?
That’s so sad and only shows once again how unable our state is right now, so much stuff just going down here right now bruh.

Funny enough, my PC was connected as well before the “blockage”.
Anyway, nice to know, but at the same time i once again disappointed in this country.

You checked if the default auto donations are off?
i actually can still receive the rewards, but can’t directly verify or connect my wallet.

Yes and no. Uphold was only restricting it to new accounts. I’m sure you haven’t missed it, but Brave rolled back support across the world. France, India, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, and many other countries lost support. They were able to restore France and are in the middle of trying to restore India and Brazil.

In terms of Germany, they don’t know what they will be doing. Ideally they want to add all countries back but they are also having to look at changing regulations. There is a new custodial partner that Brave has teased as coming soon, but they haven’t said which one or when it will arrive. It’s very well possible once that goes into place, some of these countries can be added again. But if new Users can’t join from Germany because places like Uphold won’t allow new accounts, then there’s very little incentive for advertisers and wouldn’t be much of a path for profit to remain within Germany. So if that can’t be resolved, there’s not much incentive to continue offering Rewards to Germany. Hence why they are looking and trying to figure things out.

Yes, I’ve checked and they’re off and when checking the status of rewards in brave it states that my September rewards would come in 6 days, but to where I don’t know as my wallet seems unconnected :thinking:

Cuz a lot of threads were posted about this problem, I only want to understand, is it a problem of UPHOLD/GEMINI or Brave because using uphold? or brave because given tokens that are used for many purposes by people! or is it both cases? why Brave won’t sent the BATs to the wallets built in brave and every user shall assume the responsibility for the safety of the tokens his has!

They will arrive in Brave’s rewards wallet. You will get a claim button, after pressing it, the BATs should add into ‘Your Balance’ . These BATs can’t be withdrew out of Brave until & unless you connect to custodial wallet

Its all the three. Uphold / Gemini had to stop in Germany because of Rules & regulations and stuff . As for the other regions it was primarily a decision from Brave, backed by Uphold and Gemini. They blocked other regions because

  • It was becoming too expensive because of frauds / scams, identity theft, Uphold & Gemini accounts being sold in the black market etc.

  • Changing rules & regulation

Most countries is for reason I mentioned, of them just having to make adjustments and work through things with Uphold, Gemini, governments, and make sure in compliance. But on top of that, there was some major issues with fraud happening everywhere, so they narrowed it down to countries where they had things more “under control.” Doesn’t mean it’ is perfect, just that the systems and things they have in place were more efficient in those countries.

Some countries, such as Russia and surrounding countries stopped because of the war going on and the sanctions placed by the United States and other nations. Venezuela also was removed because of sanctions. In both of those cases, support stopped because of Uphold/Gemini and not Brave.

Philippines and Vietnam were removed in January because they had a very significant amount of fraudulent activity occurring in their area. Recently, Colombia also was removed because of increased fraud. There’s a hesitancy of adding Philippines or Vietnam again, though eventually will look to build it back and add. Colombia they are hoping will be resolved, but it will take a back seat to places like Brazil or India.


saludos brave tengo un inconveniente con mi cuenta uphold y recientemente mi regiòn ya no esta disponible y no puedo cambiar mis bat, ayúdame para poder agilizar esos procesos.
regiòn restringida; Guatemala

How about Thailand. My Brave Rewards from June 2022 - Now its all going to Gemini. And I can’t do it with uphold as well. Are there any other options, or I shall stop using Brave Browser? Please advise.

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