When Brave reward and Gemini come ok in switerland?

Hello everyone, it’s been more than a month that my rewards are not available because they are not supported in my country (Switzerland). Can you activate them here?


Eventually, but who knows when. As you said, it’s currently not supported. Brave is working on getting things resolved all around and will be adding regions back as soon as they can. The goal is definitely to have most back by the end of the year.

Oh ok, Thank you very much for your answer. In this case I will wait, I hope it will not make me lose my BAT hehe

Yes, you definitely won’t lose your BAT. You will have to claim your Bat’s every month which will automatically be stored on local files when you claim them. So make sure you don’t format, clear data or reinstall Brave. Cheers!

Brave is working to bring most countries back. But it will take time as each country has it’s own regulations and procedures.

You can follow the development in the post below

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