Announcement for users updated to 1.48.X

Not an issue, just trying to announce this.
After updating your Brave version to 1.48, vBAT is gone.
If you were connected to Gemini before the region unsupported issue started altogether, then you should try enabling flag called ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’ at brave://flags → This will enable Uphold and Gemini buttons inspite of unsupported region → Click on Gemini try verifying → Voila! Gemini is now connected to Brave rewards(Worked for me on two devices)


Doesn’t work with uphold I’m connected before being unsupported hehe good for you

Nah. Doesn’t work for Uphold yet. Only for Gemini users. It’s because the API has been modified for Gemini for this to be possible but nothing on Uphold’s side.

I just tried it, It works for me but there is a problem all my unverified amount does not get added to my Gemini account and is just lost. any solution?

Umm. If they are new profiles then that’s the issue. If you had connected to Uphold in the meantime then that’s the issue. I remember that Gemini dropped support for India before Uphold did.

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now it’s working fine all amount has been updated it takes 15-20 min to show in the account. I have been waiting for Gemini to add back India for 3-4 months thanks, for the help


then how to withdraw from gemini to indian banks

You can transfer it to an exchange. I use wazirX personally. Once you transfer to wazirX you can sell the BATs for INR and then withdraw them.
Perhaps this vid might help

Glad to know I could Help :slight_smile:

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Hi. I don’t find that option anywhere in brave://flags/. I have previously connected my account with both gemini and uphold and both are active as matter of fact. What should I do to re-connect my brave rewards with Gemini?

Are you sure that you’ve updated to 1.48.X? As this flag hasn’t been on previous versions. Also what OS and device?

i think my web browser is not yet updated to 1.48.X but I updated my mobile(android) and see that option. Upon enabling and relaunching the app, I went on connecting with Gemini, logging in successfully and then im bombarded with this error:

Now what?

Well could you go to brave://rewards-internals and over there in event logs → check if something says similar to this

Nope. I can’t see wallet_verified event log anywhere. I see region_not_supported , wallet_status_change

Yes, that means it was never connected to gemini before.

This particular device, yes it may have not connected. But I had connected brave rewards with gemini in past then I changed my OS from windows to Linux and from then on I haven’t been able to connect on Gemini or Uphold.

You need to have Brave rewards connected so it stays as a past connection on the API. Since this one was never connected, it won’t Just because you connected to Gemini on another device won’t make other devices connect availble.

Ahhhh feels so bad man. I hope Brave team figure out a way to onboard Indian users.

Yep, they are working with a new partner to bring India back.
You’ll find updates at

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