Unsupported region error - Does that mean no Brave rewards?

Can you please also explain how backing up will work? I mean if brave is Sending BAT monthly then, How would BAT be stored in browser until the time my country gets VERIFIED in uphold or gemini? Because as far as I have seen Brave clears off balance once rewards are sent to uesrs. So every month my balance would be cleared to show 0 BAT or the BAT that have remained until that day when they announce rewards distribution. Then how will backing up brave would work? So I will anyways loose BAT accumulated every month then how is this going to work? Please explain?

Nah, there’s two different places in Rewards. One of them is your Balance and the other is your Estimated Earnings. Each month your Estimated Earnings goes to zero and pays out, at which point it arrives in your Balance. If you’re connected to Uphold or Gemini, that BAT gets send to them and the Balance shows what you have in their accounts. If you’re Unverified, then the Balance reflects the vBAT you have stored in your browser.

Payouts begin on the 8th. It doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to arrive, but it will process and start sending. The payout process usually takes up to 2 weeks, with some months completing faster or taking an extra week or two. It all depends on a variety of factors.

Anyway, if you’re Unverified, you’ll have a notice that your payment has arrived and you’ll Claim it. I believe there’s a little captcha thing they make you do these days, but I’m not sure. Once you claim it, it stores it in your \brave-browser folder on your device. Let’s say that suddenly you uninstall Brave, your browser gets corrupted, you do a factory restore of your OS, or whatever else…that would then delete all your BAT. So by you copying your \brave-browser folder to somewhere else, you’ll at least have saved any BAT you claimed if something goes wrong with your existing browser.

Another way you can look at it is each browser is a unique key to open the lock to a vault where all your BAT is kept. If your key gets lost or damaged, there’s no way to open the vault and it’s gone forever. So doing a backup of the folder is like making a second key. If you ever lose the first, you can get into the vault. Except, the key also tells the vault how much you’re owed. So if you don’t update it each month, you would only be able to access as much BAT as the key remembered you have.

Still having the same issue. I’m verified with Uphold wallet but getting this Region unsupported error. I’m from Philippines. Is there anyway this could be fixed?

Your region isn’t supported and it likely will be a long time before it is again. They stopped allowing Philippines and Vietnam to link to Uphold or Gemini back in January. I’ll be shocked if you are able to link to either any time this year.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

It’s also not on the list at the countries below:
NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

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They kicked out Brazil too, shame on you Brave&Gemini!

Problem also happens in Poland.

Yes, also in France, Germany, Brazil, India, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Malta, and a BUNCH of other countries. Perhaps try reading some of the announcements they had pinned on this site?

I did read everything, why u assumed i did not?

Because you said “Problem also happens in Poland.” This makes it sound like reporting something new or you don’t understand what’s going on. Just as person before you mentioned Brazil. Then person before mentioned Philippines and asked about getting it fixed.

If you did read everything, then you’d already know countries affected and what’s being done about it. There’s not really much else to be said or done about it at this time.


kann ebenfalls keine Revards in der Schweiz entgegennehmen, da die Regio nicht unterstützt wird…

Was kann ich machen?


Warten und hoffen, dass deine Region in naher Zukunft wieder akzeptiert wird (:

Gibt es eine möglichkeit das System auszutricksen?


Can you please tell me in Brave Browser folder where exactly can I see Brave balance? Cause there are n number of sub folders in it. Can I actually view my balance in Brave browser folder? If so where?

You don’t. It’s all encrypted and hid away, so as to prevent people from trying to hack/modify the numbers. Your balance is visible through Brave. You go to brave://rewards and it will show your balance. If ever any issues there, you can also go to brave://rewards-internals and it will show.

So right now on Brave homepage my Token balance shows 0. My Earnings is showing 2.441 BAT and this has remained unchanged since Unverified region error has been coming. So since July my earnings are 2.441 with no change.
And brave://rewards-internals is also showing 0 on all values.
So overall I think there is no use using Brave for unverified region as long as my region gets verified as I am seeing 0 balance everywhere and no increase in earnings since July!

brave://rewards also shows 0.

Nur wenn du ein verifizierten Uphold Acc im Ausland besitzt. Mit anderen Worten: Nein, nicht ohne zu riesigen Aufwand zu betreiben der sich nicht im Ansatz lohnen würde.

I have the same problem in United Kingdom:

Latest bug. I am in Australia. I have had both Uphold and Gemini a/cs activated and working on the computer I am currently accessing this site from.

Today I tried to re-link my Gemini a/c with the brave browser. I received: “Unsupported country” Error.

What to do?

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