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i can’t connect from account uphold with brave rewards i’m in senegal and it is not in the list of country with region restriction

@Alou hey there. I see it’s your first time here. There’s plenty of topics if you search for it but there’s been a LOT of changes going on with Rewards and the support to link to either Gemini or Uphold. I’m personally not aware if Senegal ever was on the list to be able to connect, but would like to direct you to links below for you to learn more about what countries are supported for Uphold and kind of what’s going on in the bigger scheme of things.

Official notices:

Then my list which I update frequently. On the original post/comment, I constantly edit it to add new information. The top of that will have the newest info and as you scroll down, you’ll see boxes with dates on them that you can click on to reveal info. It will show the update we received that day.

That is PSA: Unsupported Region

TL:DR of one above is that your region is not supported now and we don’t know when it will be. Currently support has been limited in many countries. You can still earn BAT but you won’t be able to withdraw them. Your only options will be to tip Creators or store them on your device by Claiming your Rewards when they pay.

Hopefully your country will be added in the future, but no idea when.

I haved an uphold account connected with my brave browser but I reinstalled my PC and when I download brave in my new system it don’t accept to link with uphold and I see the list of county restricted my country not be part of them !

And it worked to link your brave with your uphold why you change this

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