Will this work again in Argentina?

Will we receive rewards in Argentina again or will the connection with Uphold still not work?

I spent months to be able to log in again due to the fateful problem of the number of devices, not even two months have passed since I was finally able to log in and now they tell me region not supported? But what the hell is this? Always a new problem? A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT.


Ok, what a coincidence that when I write here, the rest of the wallets immediately disconnect me. Very convenient…

Hey there, as of now Argentina isn’t on the list of supported countries for Brave rewards verification. They’re trying to get workable countries back by the end of the year, so just be patient about that. Also be informed that you can still earn BAT, but right now you can’t send them to Uphold/Gemini. You can keep claiming BAT on your device which will be saved on local files. Once Argentina is supported for verification you can send the BATs to Uphold/Gemini and cash them or do anything you wish. Till then all we can do is wait patiently as there’s nothing we can do about this. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Follow up the updates in the post below:

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Coincidentally when I came to write here, after a while my wallets were disconnected, here in Argentina I have many acquaintances who do not post here, and continue with their wallets connected and receiving payments without problems. How is?

Are you sure about that? If yes then I actually don’t know. Probably thevye used some other Nationality’s Id proof and spoofing location through VPNs and stuff. Don’t treat this as True though cause I really don’t know or see how that’s possible

Of course, in fact I see people with 4 accounts in different browsers who have not been disconnected… It seems very strange to me, however, that those who post here have been disconnected, in fact I was not disconnected until I came here to ask about Argentina.

Because the “not supported” part refers only to connecting or reconnecting to Uphold or Gemini. If the connection already exists, payments will continue until it becomes disconnected. This generally happens every 90 days, but can last up to 6 months before losing connection. It just seems you had back luck and their connection was already there before the change and they have not yet been disconnected.

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