Problem uphold not connect

when i try connect my Uphold wallet with brave it says . this feature is not yet available in your region . can i know why ? because i was connect it before in july before my computer get break but now it not connect

@mehdi04 I’m guessing you’re in an unsupported region? It doesn’t matter if you were connected in the past. What matters is if you’re in a region that’s currently supported by Brave to link to custodial partners.

You can see current list of countries supported at

And if you want to see how things have progressed since they completely pulled support for all countries, you can check out my topic where I provide regular updates. That topic is PSA: Unsupported Region

oh im from morocco and it not support can i know why?

@mehdi04 Umm, there’s no simple or solid answer. Biggest thing to realize is Uphold is restricting Morocco. So this means Brave is restricted on being able to offer support.

You can see where Uphold no longer is allowing Morocco accounts based on

I don’t know why Uphold has restriction. I’m guessing it’s either because there are governments not allowing it or because of high amounts of fraud in the area.

same . e mail from then says . and gonna keep closse ‘’ mr mimi

brazil is out the list too

so must brave give some solutions like link it with binance because i’m sur almost of people they using binance

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