I can’t collect more than 2.7 BAT

I can’t collect more than 2.7 BAT from beggining and I see users who get much more. Is this the case with anyone else.I don’t have a verified wallet because it doesn’t support Serbia.Use win 10 brave is up to date.I spend a lot of time on the computer and I only use the brave browser.Also, when I transfer the BAT earned for a month, the amount is less than what was earned.

the amounts can vary wildly based on available ad compaigns in a region, os, time of day , etc. As for not getting the amount earned, it’s common for some amount to roll over to the next period as viewed ads sometimes take a while to confirm.

I interpreted your post in two separate ways; the first one, @lowner answered perfectly. :muscle: :+1:

Im not sure that is what you’re describing, however, . So, I have a couple questions… Do you mean that your current Brave Rewards “Estimated Earnings” is STUCK at 2.7BAT and WILL NOT go past 2.7? Or, is that 2.7 the MOST BAT that you have been able to earn, but that you have seen other users who earn more? And, you mentioned that you live in Serbia?

AFAIK, Serbia is one of the recently unsupported regions. My understanding is that this “support” is only applicable to users’ ability to connect to their Uphold or Gemini wallet. And since users don’t need a custodial wallet to be eligible for earning Brave Rewards, as long as there is an active ad campaign taking place in your region (
https://brave.com/transparency/ ), according to BRAVE you should still be earning BAT; regardless of what is going on with Uphold and Gemini not supporting multiple regions. That is why I am asking whether your earnings have stopped. Or, whether you meant that you couldn’t earn any BAT beyond the 2.7.

Here is the thread :thread: I was reading…

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I’ve read almost everything related to my problem. It throws up 5 of the same ads, I click on each one and wait for it to open. In the Windows settings i go set everything as written in notificattion & action , I changed everything in order as I read on Brave Community.I do that almost 22 h ago and since then he hasn’t released a single ad. I think I will return everything to the way it was.For me problem is just 5 of different advertisements that go round and round.Thank you anyway I don’t care about BAT as much as my safety. You can close the case.

As I wrote that support can remove my post. I don’t understand the further discussion. I don’t care when which country will be supported by Uphold or Gemini. I know that in Serbia it will never happen. I also stated that I don’t really care about bat.I’m looking more at overall internet security so I’ll be looking into Brave for a few more months and most likely switching to Edge.All the best.

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