Getting new error while trying to verify my wallet ( Error: Region not supported )

guys, the answer is literally in the topic.
at least, take time to read the content of the topic, especially when there is only a few answers, before posting.

me not recieving single ads from last three months plzz help me anyone

I am from India. I am verified uphold user from last 2 years but now I have same problem “Error: Region not supported”.

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Same issue mate, but we can’t do anything for now. Probably issue is due to the recently implemented crypto regulations in India. :cry:

Responded in your topic.

Same problem from Brazil.

Same problem in Argentina… When will this be resolved?

Brave is working to get restrictions removed within the next few months but there is no information on an exact date. The last Brave Community call talks about this at the beginning of the call. Might want to hear what Brave staff have to say.

Can someone please post the list of supported regions with UpHold ? I am in an EU/Schengen country and I am seeing the “region not supported” error.


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NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

same problem from Brazil

Same problem, my location is supported but this time is Error for me doesn’t matter where I’m

Pls help!

Same as we’ve been telling everyone else…please go read PSA: Unsupported Region

Also make sure to click on all links and read. There’s important information mixed in. The topic I’m linking you to is general summary and links provided there are from official sources that sometimes can go into more detail.

Same to you @yurymota

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Same here Why is india excluded ? At least give a reason.

Hey, I have the same issue as the guys here. You said the answer is in the topic, but I didn’t really find any answer. Could you kindly point me into the right direction?

Hey, I work in another country (Austria) as my home land (Hungary), but I visit my home land quite often. I registered with my country of origin since I have my official documents issued from there, not the coutry I’m working in. The problem is, as it turned out, my home country is not supported, but the country I work - and basically live in - is.

I’m not sure, who’s system is giving this error, thus, I’m not sure, where should I rewrite my address? Is the error on the Gemini side? Or is it on Brave’s side?

Also, MUST I have any of those wallets to take part in the reward program? If not, how can I withdraw the rewards from my account? Ie. I have a metamask, but also a coinbase account (not wallet, just an account).

@Csanakb I’m going to copy/paste a longer answer below, then do a second comment. (Assume Gemini anywhere I say Uphold, lol)

Have you ever had a passport or other document from a country?

Issue that has been occurring with a lot of people is a mismatch between KYC. Uphold sometimes can be content with just updating the mailing address and submitting those documents, but Brave isn’t. What happens is the API communicates between Uphold and Brave about your information. The crazy part is Brave staff can’t access it, but the system does.

So what could be happening is it’s seeing your prior passport for whatever country you were in and it’s telling you it’s an unsupported region based on that. Unless/until that’s updated between their systems, you’ll likely have this problem.

Part of the reason for it is because it’s an extra layer of fraud protection. It’s easy to fake a mailing address but harder to get official government licenses/passport.

Whether you need to submit new passport/government ID from a prior country or you already did and Uphold may not have updated, you may want to check with them by doing a support ticket with Uphold at at (according to their support article at )

You always can try to reach out to Brave’s support as well, by doing a support ticket at but Brave will be limited on what they can do if it’s something that needs changing on Uphold’s end.

It comes down to your passport/photo ID you submitted for KYC/AML purposes. So if you submitted a Hungary passport, then the API is reporting you’re from Hungary. Gemini and Uphold often are content with you just changing your address and leaving things be, but sadly doesn’t work that way for Brave for a few reasons.

Both. It would be because the KYC done with Gemini is reporting to Brave that you were from Hungary. But then in terms of Brave, because the API registers the way it does, would be telling you that you are from Hungary which is not supported at this time.

If you have an Austrian photo ID that you can submit for KYC to Gemini, you might be able to contact them and ask them to update that for you, especially so the API will communicate it to Brave. But if you don’t have a passport or acceptable ID for them from Austria, then you’re going to have that mismatch and the issue will continue until Brave adds Hungary again.

This is basically the end of Brave and BAT as it will look like this. You have to do something about it.

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