Existing uphold wallet in Germany fails to verify in Brave browser

Description of the issue:

I am using brave 1.45.123 Chromium 107.0.5304.110 official build 64-Bit.

A long time there was no error at all. But since uphold decided to not provide any new uphold accounts to german users, the verification for the brave wallet for my existing uphold wallet startet to fail.

So I am not able to see my brave wallet anymore.

I am still receiving rewards. I can see them in my uphold wallet. Wich was verified on 03/17/2020 first. My first reward I received on April 6 2020.

So even if uphold does not support new accounts in germany any more. How about implementing existing ones in your wallet option? It’s really sad, that it does not work any more as intended and it used to.

All I am getting is the advice, that my country (germany) is not supported. Wich is wrong, since I already have an uphold wallet. Just the implementation on Brave’s side is missing.

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There’s a lot of info already. In short, Germany is unsupported for rewards verification right now.

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So all I need to do is wait then. Thank you for helping me out with this thread. I wonder if I am to old or just blind. But I did not manage to find it searching by myself. Thanks again!

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Yes. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix for Germany by the end of this year.

Sry. Forgot that click. Made it up now.

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