What determines the number of ads per hour

Hello, What determines the real number of ads per hour on my windows computer or android devise? Is it random? Or depends on sth?

I’m also interested in this. Maybe it’s an good idea to make a blog post about it and explain a bit more about this topic? @steeven @Mattches

multiple factors seem to play a role, available ad campaigns in a user’s region, platform, time of day, etc.

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Links from related topics posted in the past that might interest you. You can follow the links in those posts for even more info!

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@Chocoholic Thank you, that’s quite helpful! I’m going to read it.

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Your region (us, europe, the rest of the world) your browsing habits (crypto is the name of the game, not youtube, nor soccer or your local newspaper), availabilty of ads on the day, Device (Windows, Mac, Android, IOS,…), How much you participate in Brave community?

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From what I have observed here are some limit numbers by ad type…

Push notification ad:
roughly up to 1 each 6 minutes (basically 60 minutes divided by 10 ‘ads per hour’)
max 100 per day

New tab page ad (background sponsored image):
max 4 per hour
max 20 per day

Inline content ad (brave news):
max 12 per hour
max 60 per day

-Of course it all depends on a full active catalog.
-These ad category limits seems to be independent from each other. I don’t think there’s a global limit.
-Note that “per day” means the last 24 hours not the actual GMT day.
-I believe the push’s ‘max 100 per day’ is virtually impossible to achieve due the catalog’s availability and lack of persistence (at least in my country).


@g00z This is 100% correct. From https://griffin.brave.com/

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@Aman_M Thanks for the link! A new one for me. Added to my list of Brave urls. lol

It wasn’t in this list brave://about/, do you know why not? Is there another list out there somewhere? :grin:

This may be off-topic… but it may not… don’t mean to side-track the discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:

brave://about/ is just internal browser based url (can’t be accessed outside of Brave). https://griffin.brave.com/ is a website for browser to take data that is flexible (can be visited from any device with internet).

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Just posted in another related topic. I also reposted one of the links above that I think belongs with these posts.

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Thankyou @g00z for this info.
but I didn’t get the ‘inline content ad’ part could u please provide some info on that , I just know about notification ad and new tab thing.

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Open new tab page > Customize > Brave News > Enable Brave News

Now whenever you’re on new tab page scroll down to open News.

You’ll see ads between items, if available.

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i havent seen any of the news adds in agesssss both on android and pc!

Try and check right after 00:00 UTC, they’re always there.

yeah ive been checking daily - they just stopped on all of my devices annoyingly!

If you go to rewards settings you can set it to a max of 10 ad’s an hour. I’m not sure if this is what you where asking. I hope it help’s.

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