Unusual activity in active campaigns in my region

I been checking in https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ this week and the Monday there was only one campaign active in my country when there usually were 20, checked day the before yesterday and it was 22, yesterday there was only one and today 4, is this normal?, did this mean that my account was flagged?

Yes, it’s normal. No, not flagged. If you were flagged then you’d still see all the ads listed in that link but they wouldn’t be appearing for you OR you’d not get BAT when they did appear.

When you go to https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ you’ll notice that it shows when campaigns begin and end. Some are very short and some last a long time. In addition, each campaign has a limited amount of times a person may view it. Check out the image below.

Looking at the very Top Left, you’ll see the start date for the campaign. On the Top Right is the end date. In this particular ad, it starts and stops today, April 30, 2022. Looking at the left side and going down, you’ll see where it says “Runtime” which also verifies it’s only running one day. Creatives is how many ads are in that campaign.

Looking closer to the middle, you see the value of the ad. This is how much you’ll get paid when you see it. This ad is 0.01 BAT per view. To the right of that is the same number as Creatives which shows how many ads in the campaign. Then to the right of that is a very important View Limits. You can see as many as 4 different numbers.

View Limit shows you how many times you can see ads from that particular campaign and earn BAT. It the 4 numbers as Day/Week/Month/Max. In this screenshot, you can see it shows 10 / — / — / 10. This means you can see up to 10 ads from this campaign before they stop showing for the day. Week and Month are blank, as there is no particular limit set for that (in this case, because it wouldn’t apply anyway). Then the Max says 10 times.

If you pretend that this particular campaign was running for 30 days but still showed 10 / — / — / 10, then that would mean once you saw 10 ads from that campaign, you’d never be able to see that campaign again (and if it does accidentally show more, you won’t get paid for it).

The percentage bar you see on the top, between the start and stop date of the campaign is showing you how close to ending the campaign might be. If it runs for 1 day, that’s 24 hours, and it’s been running for 12 hours, it’ll be at 50%.

Other things to consider is when you visit that link, it shows you ALL campaigns in the area. Just because you see campaigns there doesn’t mean you’ll be able to view them. The reason why is going to be OSes. This screenshot shows that the particular campaign is on Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This means pretty much anyone. But sometimes there will be ones that target only dekstop (Linux, MacOS, Windows) and won’t show for mobile devices. Or others which might ONLY want Apple products so will only show iOS/MacOS as their target. If your browser isn’t on that type of device then you wouldn’t be able to see the ad despite having it show up in Ads for your Region.


Figure I don’t have to say this, but will add it for clarity. If it’s something like 4 / — / — / 40 then that means you can only see ads from that campaign up to 4 times a day. If you see them the 4 times, you won’t see them anymore for that particular day. That Limit will restart the following day until you hit the Max limit of having seen those ads 40 times. If they had numbers in Week or Month slot, then would apply the same way.

Also to emphasize as I know someone else was confused before. I keep saying Campaign because that’s what matters. You could have a campaign with 100 ads but it says 1 / — / — / 10. This would mean you’d only be able to view 1 of the 100 ads per day and then none of the others would show. And once you saw 10, that campaign shouldn’t show up for you. So you’d never even come close to seeing all 100 ads.

I’m mentioning this because you can see the math of what’s available to you. Like I have 9 campaigns right now.

  • Campaign 1 = 10 daily
  • Campaign 2 = 3 daily
  • Campaign 3= 2 daily
  • Campaign 4 = 7 daily
  • Campaign 5 = 2 daily
  • Campaign 6 = 4 daily
  • Campaign 7 = 1 daily
  • Campaign 8 = 4 daily
  • Campaign 9 = 7 daily

Total = 40 daily
If I have ads set to 10 per hour as my maximum and Brave shows me the max allowed, that means I’d hit my daily limit in 4 hours. Then I’d see no more ads at all for the rest of the day. It’s not because I’m flagged or anything, but just simply because I hit the Limit for all the ad campaigns that they have running. Some days/weeks/months there are TONS of campaigns and the advertisers pay to let people see quite a few ads. In others, not so much. So it’s always important to consider all of that together as well.

Sadly a lot of people see active campaigns and think this means they should see the maximum amount of ads per hour. But if it’s not targeting your OS or if you’ve reached your Limit for them all, then you’d be out of luck until more ad campaigns appear.


The whole Catalog is refreshed around 00:00 hour UTC (GMT 0) and most of its campaigns will only remain for the following 8 to 10 hours.

It always starts with 20+ campaigns (in my country) and gradually decreases, so it depends what time you’re looking at it.

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I think these “View Limits - Day” from sampson.codes can be misleading as they show perDay values from creativeSets but there’s a dailyCap campaign parameter that seems to override them all and its not been considered on the page.

Hi friend, I have had no single ad for 5 days on windows 10 pc, am I flagged?, how do we understand that we are flagged? Is there a sign somewhere? (By the way, there are no problems with the other devices I use. )

The only known way to check it by yourself is disconnect/connect your verified wallet. A message is supposed to appear.

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