Not earning rewards for ads

Briefly describe your issue:
I am not getting any BAT rewards for ads aside from when I open a new tab and there is an ad on the new tab homescreen. Last month there was NO issue I earned a little more than 4BAT and got it in my wallet all was good. This month, I noticed the BAT going up but slower it is already the 20th, no changes to settings, ad history shows 248 ads this month with at least 10 the past few days, yet the BAT total estimated earnings is 1.658. It stays the same the whole day unless I open up a new tab, and I have tested this by refreshing a few times and getting an ad on the new tab page and the BAT goes up so something is working but it doesn’t seem to be going up for the ads that are shown normally. Ad settings are on maximum.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Windows 11, Brave version Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
Yes, but this isn’t the issue, I am only talking about estimated earnings

What date did you verify your wallet?
Not sure, beginning of this month 2/2022

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
yes, the issue isn’t about receiving payments it’s about getting estimated earnings for viewing ads

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??
yes no contributions are being made, only linked to gemini from this browser only.

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I’m going to break your post into smaller bits to answer things, make some points, and ask questions. Just a lot of little details here.

This suggests you’re most likely not flagged, otherwise you wouldn’t be getting anything in most cases.

This is higher than the average. Most users get 0.5-2 BAT a month. Usually you only get more than that if you’re in United States, Australia, or Canada overall. And even then, it’s not guaranteed.

Yeah, this happens. It all matters on how many ads are in our region and if we fit their target demographics. I’m not sure if anyone ever shared with you, but you can check to see what ads are in your region. When it shows each ad, it also tells you what OS they appear on. Along with that, it shows the maximum amount of times an individual is allowed to see the ad, day/week/month/max.

If you see that there’s a small amount of campaigns then it’s more likely you hit that cap a lot sooner. It’s frustrating when that happens.

That’s pretty good. Sure, there’s people who have more, but it’s like I mentioned above…depends on region and ads.

Not sure what to say on that. I mean, if you open up your 30 day one, do you see that it says you Viewed all the ads? (it lists ads you’ve seen, then shows if Viewed or Dismissed).

Usually if flagged, you don’t see ads at all. But it is possible that something like that is going on. What you’re describing here, with BAT not changing, is something I’ve only encountered before when a person’s Locale was different than their IP address. Though the Locale was set to their country, it had two options of time zones and that made a huge difference. I’m not sure if you perhaps changed any settings or anything?

That part doesn’t mean much. Maximum is just that, the maximum you can see. You can still end up at any number less than that, even at 0 ads (I was seeing a bunch earlier, but 0 ads myself for the last 2 hours)

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thanks, maybe i just expected higher since it was the first month, but I am indeed in the US in a very large city, and am pretty sure I’m not flagged since I started just last month and didn’t really change the way I use the browser.

Clicking the link shows 10 campaigns and 38 creatives, not sure if that is a small or large amt? Do you know how much you would expect per ad? I now have 254 ads and the earnings is still the same, they all say viewed when I click into it. Don’t think I changed any country/IP settings dont even know where to go for that.

Where do you see the ads when they pop up, are they usually a slide out notification in the bottom right corner of the screen? Or are they usually builtin to the website you are viewing? I have actually not even noticed any ads but the ad count has been going up every day, and it says viewed, so I was assuming they put it really well in a corner of a site or something?

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Let’s take a look at it here. First off, yours was 10 campaigns and 38 creatives. That means there are 10 advertisers with ad campaigns in your area and they designed 38 different ads. What’s most important there is the campaigns, not the ads.

That’s a moderate number. Like on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a LOT of ads, I’d say it’s about a 5. So it’s average but can go far better or worse.

When you visit that link to see ads in your region, it tells you exactly how much each ad pays. That said, the current average is roughly 0.005 BAT per ad, yet it varies on the campaigns in your area.

Let’s look at a screenshot here and I’ll walk you through a few things on what you can see.

  • Top left has the date the campaign started. Top right is the day the campaign ends. In between is a status bar to depict how far into the campaign you’re in. Obviously, closer they are to the end, the less likely you are to see those ads (I’ll touch on that in a bit)

  • Going down on the left, you’ll see where it mentions Runtime, that’s how many days they paid for it to go

  • Below that is how many ads and sets they pay for. Most have only 1 set with varying number of ads (but all ads count together, we’ll get to that later on View Limits)

  • Under those you’ll see the region. Most in the United States pay for entire USA, but not always. So if you look at the one I did screenshot of, they list 48 of the 50 states, so not all can see it. (you should only be seeing things available to your region, so that won’t matter much)

  • Going back towards the middle, you’ll see where it shows Value, this is how much you get when you view one the ads in that set/campaign. (Note pretty sure it’s what we get. I still need to verify if we get 70% of that number or 100%)

  • To the right of that, it just repeats what we saw on the left, how many ads are in that set/campaign.

  • Right of that are View Limit. It has 4 place for Day/Week/Month/Max. The numbers in each place represent how many times you can see ads from that campaign during the time. So in the one I did the screenshot of here, it only allows 1 ad per day for each person, seeing their ads only up to a maximum of 10 times in their 58 days of running. Once you hit that limit, you’ll never see their ad again

  • Right of that is OS it appears. So the one on top is Desktop only, showing Linux, Windows, and MacOS icons. Whereas the one you can barely see on the bottom of that screenshot shows Android and iOS as well.

  • The final thing to see is the ads they have as part of their campaign. If it looks like you see in the screenshot, it means they appear as normal notifications. But if it says something about Sponsored Images or shows multiple boxes in the ad, then it’s a Sponsored one that ONLY shows up in New Tab page.

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Screenshot of one that is ONLY sponsored image, which would be seen on New Tab only. I’ll also point out, mine currently says 8 campaigns. Yet 30 minutes ago I had like 11. What’s happening is quite a few campaigns have recently ended, so numbers are going lower. It’s also why I’m not seeing as many ads, as I’ve likely reached the Max viewable.

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So normal ads appear as notifications on your device. If you’re on Windows, then that’s in your Notification Center which typically is in the bottom right of your screen. You can change settings so it doesn’t always “slide out” from the bottom right and instead it just generates in Notification Center. I had to do that as I got annoyed with all the notification sounds and big things sliding up, but I still open it up and all just to see what I’ve got there every once in a while. What counts is that they are able to successfully generate on your device.

If on Android, it’s notification center on the top of the device and sometimes in Bubbles if you have that activated on new Android. For iPhone, you don’t get BAT so doesn’t much matter but I was getting it as Bubbles that would slide across from my screen like 2/3 of the way down from the top. It got annoying compared to Android, so I turned off Rewards on it, since can’t earn for myself anyway. Then can’t speak for other devices.

Lastly, Sponsored Images may appear when we open a New Tab or Brave News. If it’s a Sponsored Image, they often show their company and a link to click on in the bottom left, then have the background as an image related to their company, etc. You get paid just for it loading/appearing, you don’t have to do anything else.


thanks for all the info. I see what you’re saying it does make sense since a bunch are 0.005 bat. The first month was probably just an exception. Was confused cause it was barely ticking up or ticking up slowly but maybe there were just more campaigns last month/for a new user.

I will still have to keep an eye out since for some reason I don’t think I am getting the windows notifications even though I have campaigns for it. Checked my notification settings in windows and it was fine but maybe I just dismissed them or something. Thanks again

@misofrosty In regards to Windows Notifications, there’s 2 primary areas to worry about. The primary is Focus Assist, as it will block notifications. Not only does it need turned off, you have to make sure automatic rules are off too otherwise it will turn itself on.

The other is to make sure Notifications are on, which you said you did. Not only in general, but also to show for Brave itself


If you click on Brave under that list (not the on/off toggle, but Brave itself or whichever other program you wish), you’ll get a menu where you can customize the types of notifications. Here, you can disable the Notification Banner and set it to show in the Action Center. Doing this will still generate the ads but without the annoyance of it appearing in the corner where it might interfere with other things on your screen.


thank you :slight_smile: all my settings were good except those automatic rules which I turned all off just now, maybe that was it. Thanks for all your help

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