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Good afternoon

I am writing to you this time to do me the favor of solving a problem in my Brave browser, and that is that the number of BATs that I have collected since I started in Brave (about 9 or 10 days) I have a total of 0.3 BATs or 0.04 usd, but the problem is that when I hit the button with the BAT symbol at the top of the search engine, it appears that my balance is 0.0 (I send some screenshots so you can see the error), I hope you can solve this problem for me and also solve this other question, which is why I get so few Brave Rewards ads, as I said previously I have around 9 Or 10 days since I started the browser and I have it configured so that 5 ads maximum appear per hour, but so far only 4 have appeared, almost one ONE ad every 2 days, which seems to me a very small amount to what I have seen other people have gained c With the browser, I do not know how much each ad generates, since up to now per ad they only give me 0.01 usd and I would like it clarified.

Thank you for your attention and I await a prompt response.

No, it’s not an issue. 0.3 BAT is an estimation of your earning this month. It’ll be paid next month, around 5th, US time zone.

It’s normal. The number of ads you see will also depending on the availability of ad campaigns in your country and “match” found between your interest and the ads catalog.

From FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads” . Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below).

Further, you may see ads appearing regularly today, but tomorrow you may not see any – and that’s perfectly fine . In this situation, it really is a feature , not a bug . We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this distinction and implore you to keep this in mind before assuming that the feature simply “isn’t working”.

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Thank you very much for helping me and I am sorry I asked that kind of question but I did not know that information, badly done on my part for not investigating, also thank you

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