Not getting reward for Ads

I m not getting rewards for notification ads and for background images.BAT is stuck.
Help me.

I think my Account is flagged

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And I’m only getting 2-3 ads per days. I think there are some other issue.

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Yes and that too after 28th may with new update 1.25.68 . And main problem is that no team members are understanding our issue. They are telling that ads are not frequent but in my Android device I get ads about 10-20 .

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Please tag all the team members so that our issue can get attention.

Are we the only ones this issue matters?
Or other doesn’t care about brave earning.

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Are you using a VPN? Are you using the latest version of Brave?

If you are getting ads AT ALL, then your account hasn’t been flagged.

I am getting ads but only 1-2 ads a day

The number of ads per day varies by region, and it isn’t as high as it was a few months ago. It all depends on the advertisers and how many ads they choose to buy.

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Everyone knows that no. Of ads differs by region but problem is that I get more than 10 ads daily in my Android device but in windows device I get only 1-2 ads do no. Of ads also differ by devices?

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Last week I got only 13 ads :sleeping:

I’m residing in Asia and receiving 2-3/per day
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I’m from India. I this this issue is with India?

It may be. It also depends on how much you use your browser on each device.

I work only on brave browser and work more than 8hr a day that too in windows but I use my Android device less which so technically I show get more ads in Windows device than Android device.

See this thread too: BAT not increasing when viewing sponsored images

everyone has this problem, maybe some people get ads everyday, but i know i dont, there has been times i didnt see 1 ad for 3-4 days in a row, iam so use to this happening i dont get all crazy, but every month is the same thing, you can go 3-5 days not getting 1 ad, i dont know what to do to work again n getting ads

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