Very low Brave rewards, High number of ads

Windows 10 - Version 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) and verified browser wallet. Not using a VPN.

Is this reward rate normal? I have seen past posts where people received 2-5 BAT for like 12 ads in total. I have had 105 ads and have <1 BAT. What is going on?


Mostly normal. Because it’s different for each countries, etc etc.

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This is normal. I see there are more and more ads paying under half a cent. This month I have thus far viewed 456 ads and my earnings are 2.61 BAT. Last month it was 2.75 BAT. So not really worth it at all.

I’ve actually suggested a setting where you can set Brave to only show ads if they pay more than x amount. It’s honestly not worth it to waste the time looking at those ads paying less than a cent.

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Hey thanks for replying! Could you please link me to your method? I would really appreciate it!

There is no method to exclude these ‘cheap’ ads. It was a suggestion I made to the developers on this forum to create such a kind of setting so you can filter out the ‘cheap’ ads.

At this stage there is no filter like it so you have to view all ads.

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