BAT vs number of Ads

Is this the normal amount? How are you guys doing with number of ads vs how much BAT your getting.

I’ve gotten 3 bat with a lot less ads in the past, wondering if I turn it back to 5 ads an hour, how the rewards would differ now.

if it is what is normally happening now. I have 172 ads and 1,440 bat appear :roll_eyes:

@DivineDrift what do you see wrong there?

363 ads is the most I’ve ever received in a month, and this month isn’t even over yet, Ive had 3 BAT with muuuuch less ads in the past. Beginning of this cycle, I switched to 10 ads an hour, up from 5. I get waaay more ads but less BAT?

Looks normal to me. I have basically exactly half more than you. And my numbers are basically doubled compared to yours which seems to be correct. Some ads are not worth the glorious 0.010 bat. Some are only 0.005 and forget the 0.0005 ones. Also for the value of BAT, there was a time yes, I too got less ads and more money, but that was back when BAT was at like .90cents to over $1.

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how are people getting 7-8+
BAT per month

I have no life. LOL. It is just a lucky month, and the start of it started off bad and last month there was some horrific days as well. Lots of days of no ads or like 1-2 all day long. Oh and a lot of those are like comfortably new tab page ads, so like a good at least 8-20 a day alone are just those.

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Haven’t you noticed that the Usd value of Bat has increased?, when that happens the ads pay less Bat

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I was wondering why I received 0.010 bat day by day and now only the half of it. Is this related to Advertisers, BAT price or viewed ad per months?

I think it just depends on what the advertisers buy the campaign for. There has been extensive discussions about this before. But check here to actually see what the ads are worth for you.
Note some ads are worth 0.010, 0.005 or 0.025. Maybe you are receiving the low paying ones. For me I hate seeing Elvenar kingdom ones or Lustre for Brave cause those are only worth 0.005.

currently no. of ads reduced and the ads rate is very low as compared to last month
also not getting paid for new tab ads as most of the ads shown are not for my region
i got only 54 ads this month 0.508BAT0.41 USD

719 ads to 5.4 bat lol

The brave website says the more your on particular sites is what’s pays. And that brave pays us 70% of the ad rev they make…I dunno

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