Brave Ads Stopped Completely on 04/19/2022

I have noticed that all ads in Brave have stopped as of 4/19/2022, even though all settings seem to be activated per the FAQ.

Location is set to my State, Number of ads set to MAX (10/hr), Notifications in Windows for Brave are ON. Wallet is verified in Gemini. Automatic contributions are set to OFF. I am not using VPN on this machine.

I have toggled most of these settings off and on again, and restarted the browser… still not receiving ads.

Using Windows 11 on PC, Brave Version 1.37.116 Chromium: 100.0.4896.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Is this normal behavior or a glitch? Is it possible to view all the available ads (and run out)?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Upon closer examination of my PC, I noticed that I had multiple instances of Google Chrome active in the background, even though I’d stopped using it months ago.

Just to be safe, I decided to end every instance of Chrome, then Uninstall it completely. Then I restarted Windows.

Sure enough, on the reload, I noticed my BAT balance went up slightly, and ads began to reappear. Apparently Chrome had taken over Brave’s ability to notify me. Not sure how the mechanism works, but uninstalling Chrome did the trick.

It seems that whatever change Chrome made around 4/19/22 was the culprit. Hopefully this helps somene else.



@homerpez Glad your issue was resolved! Interesting chain of events. Just curious, did you receive your April payout?

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I did receive my April payout to Gemini, though I experienced every glitch along the way, including the .25 BAT error, But yes, I received it.

The AD issue is actually not solved, see new post.


This would cause a few problems with his earned bat and wallet device limit. Or is that just a pathetic attemp to troll?


After about half a day of seeing ADs, they have stopped again. On one occasion I was able to kill the Brave background processes, and ADs restarted… they’ve since stopped again and restarting Brave does nothing.

Is it possible that my account is flagged, and I don’t know? What else could be going on? @Mattches @steeven

If your flagged you won’t receive anything until the flag is removed. Is brave://rewards-internals showing your wallet connected? FYI, I have not seen a pop-up ad all day today. This may not be an issue only with you.

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@homerpez Posted below in another topic per ads. It is the end of the month and I always notice a slow down in ads. Usually, I still get a few notifications, but NTP and inline ads just stop or show up less frequently. This is my experience and it may be happening to you too.

You may have reached a cap for your region or for the ad campaign. The topic below has some information that might help explain. Also, posted the link to the ad catalog viewer. You can check if ads are still available for your region and if you are eligible to receive them.

Regional Catalog Viewer

Everything with the wallet seems to be fine, balance seems to be correct. It’s just that no popups are happening, even when set to MAX.

Then as @Chocoholic said, it’s the end of the month and the region cap may have been reached.


Try this: open brave://settings/system and disable Continue running background apps when Brave is closed.

@CerealLover Oh cool. New one for me! I’ve had that disabled from get go and never considered it may impact ads. I just don’t like anything running if I am not actively using it if I have a choice!

Really, imo, this is crazy and really shouldn’t be impacting ads… I wonder if this is something Brave is addressing on the backend? Know anything more?


@Chocoholic, homerpez, who posted this issue, is having problems killing processes running in the background. Thus I suggested that solution.

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Oooh, ok, makes sense. I thought it was addressing the ads issue. Sheesh lol

Thanks :smiley:

So, hopefully a final update… as I read the responses and the possibilities of what’s going on, it looks like things are back where they should be.

I am finding that there’s a lower instance of ads than earlier, but it makes sense that when set to MAX that they might actually run out over time. 10/hr is a LOT of notifications.

@CerealLover I do feel that the many instances of Brave/Chrome were having an effect too, especially since the first dry spell happened right after Chrome upgraded itself and ran unchecked in the background. My theory is that it was trying to control/block all notifications.

Between uninstalling Chrome entirely and your suggestion to set background process to “OFF” in Brave, I have a better handle on that issue. I was unaware you could do this! Thanks for that tip.

I’m just going to consider it “normal” to receive fewer ads at times. Thanks, all, for the input.


Just to chime in here — Chrome (updating or simply installed) should have no bearing on whether or not you’re seeing ad notifications or their frequency.

But mostly I just wanted to confirm for @homerpez that yes, Ads frequency is expected to fluctuate at times. It is perfectly normal and is not immediately indicative of an issue. More information here:

@Mattches previously pointed out to me that you need to remember that 10 ads/hr is the max not the floor. Meaning you can receive UP TO 10 an hour, but that amount is not guaranteed.

yeah, the same here, it stopped suddenly. I changed no settings, but it stopped. I have had no single ads for 3 days. Is there anything to solve this?

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