Something wrong with the numbers?!

Hello, i have a question related tho this ads/rewards.

First of all last month i had received 17 ads(thou i have set 5/h) which earned me 1.1 BAT ?
Ok i understand that those 5/h ads are the cap but still 17 it’s a low number but the problem is only 1.1 BAT (and that’s without tipping or auto contributing to any website, since i have those off)

Second, yesterday after receiving the rewards from last month in my uphold account and the brave rewards reset i had received 2 ads when i started the browser (none from then on only those 2) and i saw on rewards receving 1.x BATS (worth 0.22$) today it’s only 0.200 BAT worth 0.04$…

So how this works exactly how much you gain from 1 ad and why after i saw the ad it showed me a reward but today its a different amount. I saw here people with hundreds of BAT points received … how come i only got 1.1 BAT from 17 ads.

Why do i receive so little ads ok i understand that the cap is 5/h but i spend a fair amount of time daily so 17 ads /month seems very little.

If someone can explain a bit in details i would really appreciate.

Does it matter what site you spend time ?

sometimes i receive ads on main page but when i left the browser open on main page for a whole night i didn’t get any ads …

i would really want to understand how this works why it shows so little ads , how can i increase that, why after seeing an add it shows an amount of reward then after a time it shows a much lower amount, how come others receive hundreds of BAT /month and i only got 1.1 only. I really don’t understand how this works.

Hello @Maihes,

  • BAT received per ads is vary. But users always receive 70% of the ads value.
  • The number of ads you received also depends on the availability of ad campaigns in your country, etc, etc (other factors).

Seems normal. The estimate balance will adjust itself after the payout. So it’ll substract the already paid BAT.

No. Brave Ads will learn about your interest and match it with the available ad catalog. If match found, then it’ll show you an ad. At the right time.

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