Brave Doesn't Show Correct Reward Amount

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m at work but recently Brave isn’t displaying the correct amount of BAT I’ve earned. It says I’ve seen over 100 ads but I only have .002 BAT?

Is this BAT lost?? What happened?

The screen shot above actually shows 0.03 BAT, but that does seem a bit low for 108 ads. What country are you in? The amount of BAT per ad is set by each advertiser, not by Brave, and in the U.S., most ads pay 0.01 BAT per ad.

Yeah I’m at work so I had to post quickly. It actually fixed itself yesterday shown in picture attached.

I realized I needed to update brave and did so. After that I started getting ads again and all was good. But recently it has stopped again and I’m not sure why. All my settings are correct. I want to mess around with the updates but don’t want to lose my BAT even if its just a few…

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