ERROR in components: Brave Ads Resources (IT)

Description of the issue:
Im using brave 1.40.107 on Windows10 x64 (italian).

In brave://components I have found this error:
Brave Ads Resources (IT) - Versione:
Stato - Errore di aggiornamento

How can I fix it?
Please note that I have another similar component, without the error:
Brave Ads Resources (it) - Versione: 1.0.41
Stato - Componente non aggiornato

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

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I am on windows 10 in USA. I also have two entries. One is for US (location?) and the other en (language?).



What happens when you click the Check for update button? Per Brave support staff member in an older topic try this:

Please post an update.

Edit: Found another, and probably more relevant, post from a Brave support staff member.

Relevant quote:

We only have country components for certain/specific countries. In all other countries, the component wouldn’t exist and it is expected to show Version

if I try to update I get an error:
Stato - Errore di aggiornamento
(translated into english is “Status - update error”)

@4354576 Is there any issue you are facing, is something wrong? Like Coco mentioned in his 2nd link, it’s normal (more detail is in there).

@Aman_M Hi :smiley:

Do you happen to know if there is a list somewhere of the specific countries where the component would not exist? I tried looking on Brave GitHub but couldn’t find anything. Might be there somewhere, I just couldn’t find! lol

Hi Coco. As far as I know, these Ad components exist in US only, Canada was to be included but I don’t know the progress. I saw somewhere on GitHub quite a while ago, difficult to find now.

And I think, it’s just like sub-division targeting of Ads like sub-states in US. Can be seen here-

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@Aman_M oooh, ok. And hear ya about finding things on GitHub. Probably would help if I had a clue about what I was looking at. :wink:

@4354576 From what Aman and Brave support have said, I think your country does not have the Brave Ads Resources (IT) component. So the version 0 is applicable. The update error is expected because there is nothing there to retrieve/update.

Please provide an update.

I’m getting so little brave ads that I thought there is something broken.
I tried investigating and saw this error in the component.

@4354576 Have you checked ads availability at Regional Catalog Viewer? You may have reached ad campaign caps. Posting a section from User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x topic that may help. Lots of information on why you may be getting less ads.

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