Brave stopped blocking ads

Hello, I’ve been using Brave for about half a year, and never had any issues with ad-blocking not doing it’s job, but as of about two days ago, not a single normal or pop-up ad is getting blocked anymore.
I googled about the issue, and found out that in “components” the “Brave Ads Resources” and “Brave Ad Block List Catalog” are both getting an error when trying to update and show Version
But I couldn’t find a solution to fixing this. In my %localappdata%, Brave folder, I do have the list file with the “rules”, but they’re apparently not doing anything for some reason.
I tried reinstalling the browser, turning on aggressive mode on, and even deleting the lists, but none of it changed anything.
As far as I know, my network shouldn’t be an issue, since everything else works fine.
Using Brave private window doesn’t seem to change anything either.
I tried downloading both Brave beta and nightly, and both those versions don’t have the update error.
So now I’m wondering if anyone knows what the the fix might be.

I’m using Windows 11, Brave version v 1.64.109

Could try brave://settings/reset

Just tried it, but sadly, nothing changed either

@Thozen seems you tried some of these, but I’m going to list few things below if you want to give it another go. Some of it is new as well.

  1. Choose to Run as Administrator when you go to open Brave. (have had someone say this resolved before)

  2. Try new profile and see if it updates there.

  3. Download from again

  4. Restart your device. (assuming you’ve done this since you said been an issue for a couple days, but listing just in case)

  5. Can you check to see if anything can update at brave://components

  6. Check any firewall or anything which might be blocking it.

Honestly, if none of those work, I’m almost tempted to tell you to uninstall and choose to remove everything. Then install again. You’d be starting off with a new browser and none of your data, so you’d want to export things to save.

But at least hope you can check on the simple 6 there, maybe trying again for the things you already attempted once…just in case.

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Well, I’m pleasantly surprised, but running Brave as admin actually fixed the issue. Thanks a bunch for the help.


I just noticed I was getting ads and after finding content filtering blank I also checked components. Running as admin fixes and gets content filtering back. Something to do with the March 20th update?

Seems to happen to some people randomly. No clue what the cause might be. Part of me would like to wager on a firewall or some internet security/antivirus program blocking connections or something.

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I figured it out. I used F12 to get the version name of the Ad-Block catalog which shows up in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

As soon as I double clicked the corresponding folder It asked for permission to open.

Now I can open brave without running as admin and my ad-block component is up to date.

EDIT: Once fixed you need to disable/re-enable your content filters for them to be active

Bună dimineața! De 2 zile Brave nu mai blochează reclame. Am testat toate variantele, inclusiv cu dezinstalarea și reinstalarea aplicației și tot nu s-a remediat.

hi, can you please elaborate on how you did this? i’m not a tech guy and i just want to know how u got to do this i found that running admin was the way but i want to learn what you did specifically

thanks so much

i cant figure out what to do when i f12 and catalog and all that

When you are in brave://components/ hit F12,

next press Ctrl + Shift + C and move the mouse over the ad block component - Check for update.

It should show "button#…s…t…r…i…n…g…button-check-update.

The characters making up the string correspond to the components folder in
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data.
Remembering USERNAME is the name you are logged into windows as.

If you navigate to the folder manually you need to make sure you tick view/hidden items in file explorer.


it worked!! you are a life saver! been struggling to find a solution to this problem for a week now lol thanks again so much!

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@Mattches do a favor and read through this topic. Is this an OS issue or is there something better Brave can do? I’m seeing multiple with the same issue, including perhaps Brave no longer blocking youtube ads as of March 27, 2024

I mean, we at least have a workaround here and potential solution, but shouldn’t be that difficult. Not sure what the disconnect is.


Given that running as Admin seems to resolve the problem, it’s likely that whatever “elevated” permissions are needed to update these components are not available to [system] users who are not the admin of the machine.

That said, that doesn’t feel right to me, especially since we would have been seeing reports like this coming in a long time ago. Could be A/V software or potentially the network config. but I’m not sold on that idea either.

Going to cc @fanboynz on this and ask what would block a component from updating.

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To be fair, I have seen it spontaneously, but I’m guessing you mean would have come in larger numbers. It’s not always just been about adblock related stuff, but components in general.

Some are slightly different “flavors” but seems to all be related, at least in my mind. Majority have issue where it shows like Version or whatever. Definitely not large numbers of people compared to how many have installed the app,. but I think a decent amount of people just don’t know to look there and assume Shields is just broken. So they move on to other browsers or other extensions.

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