Brave stopped blocking ads

If your problem is the same, you just open the folder and it says you need to give permission to open it.

Yes… It’s same … but under user data… There’s components cache “something”… and inside that i found the file with the name … there’s no asking permission… Or like that

Try just opening each folder in userdata. If any ask for permissions just OK it. Then check again in brave://components/ that every component is up to date.

Ohh… My mistake… It worked… Thanks alot🩵

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hmmm none of this worked on all 4 of my computers, one of which is totally freash installed OS on,
for some reason the adblocker on my laptop does work for youtube but on other sites it doesn’t and the components stopped update a few weeks back,
Brave has been a great browser but sadly if the component updater wont work and with no way at all to manually install the components people will be looking for other browsers where it does work, cuz it doesn’t matter how much your updating the ad blocker script to fight youtube and other ads if your updater wont update the script to peoples browsers anyway.

None of what?

Usually been device specific issues for people. Many just simply launched Brave as an administrator and it resolved. Then there was the longer manual method. But components being blocked is because of the computer settings preventing it.

none of all of the “solutions”
restart computer - doesn’t solve it
try a new profile - doesn’t solve it
trying to disable firewall - doesn’t solve it
trying to reinstall brave - doesn’t solve it
trying to fully uninstall and reinstall brave - doesn’t solve it
trying to reset setting - doesn’t solve it
trying to run as administrator - didn’t solve it
trying to reinstall windows - didn’t solve it
trying to go to c:/users/user/appdata/local/bravebrowser and opening all folders to see is it asks for admin options (which was like 200 folders) - didn’t solve it
going into the properties on all the folders and files in the appdata/~ folders and remove the “read only” - didn’t solve it
shutdown anti malware/anti virus softwares - didn’t solve it

only left i can think of is either windows or the DSN blocking the server which the components connect to when they’re updating

Does Using Brave Beta or Nightly block ads?

Till last night it blocked ads (Brave Nightly). rn it’s not blocking any ads

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Here’s how I fixed two Windows 10 computers where Brave Browser stopped blocking ads:

  1. Update to the latest Brave Browser.

  2. Open Command prompt in Administrator mode (Start button → type cmd → Run as Administrator)

  3. Type chkdsk c: /f /r where c is the drive where Brave Browser’s c:/users/user/appdata is located. This will force to fix errors and bad sectors on your disk.

  4. Chkdsk cannot run while the disk is in use by another process (Windows). It will ask you to schedule the run on next restart. Click Y to schedule Chkdsk.

  5. Restart Windows

  6. Wait for Chkdsk to finish the full scan. This process can take 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on drive size and speed.

  7. Once you are back in Windows, open Brave Browser and go to MenuSettings.

  8. In ShieldsContent Filtering deselect all filters. Click Save changes button. Close Brave Browser.

  9. Re-open Brave Browser. In Shields select aggressive Trackers & Ads blocking. In Content Filtering re-enable your filters. I use Fanboy’s + YouTube Mobile Distractions + YouTube Mobile Recommendations. Click Save changes button.

thanks but, nope it literally is the DSN blocking it,
i tested by using USB and connect my phone to the computer, remove the ethernet cable and share the mobile data with the computer and then i had no problems to run the updates.