Region Not Supported India

I am from India and when i try to connect to a wallet for brave ads rewards it shows region not supported for both Uphold and Gemini wallets.
Please help and resolve the issue ASAP

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There is a lot for you to study. I suggest starting with:

Rewards will arrive in 7 days - #8 by Saoiray

and reading up and down that webpage, as well.

Re When will things change?

There seems to be much uncertainty about The When of It . . .

The answer(s) that you seek, will probably be found, by occasionally searching:

Please search Brave Community for similar issues before creating new Topic in the future if you would. There are MANY others who have asked as you are and where answers have been provided. When people create new Topic without searching, it makes it harder for people to find answers.

In order to search, you just click on the magnifying glass on the top of the page, which looks like
New Tab - Brave 6_24_2022 12_08_14 PM

If you searched Region Not Supported you would have seen ALL of these things as shown in screenshot below.

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when will this problem be resolved. i am from india too,

Short answer: Nobody knows.