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I got my account flagged for the 5th time this year with no reason, there is clearly a problem with the system and it should be fixed ASAP.


Please look into this because I’m not the only one who is experiencing this issue.

Or you’re doing something that’s getting it flagged? I mean, seems to keep catching you doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Random flagged accounts happen, but if you’re saying 5 times this year, you’re basically saying happening monthly. I’d start trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Anyway, you should know the drill then. Submit a Support Ticket

Let’s try asking some questions here.

  1. Do you use a VPN or Proxy server?

  2. Have you created many Profiles on your same device?

  3. Is your device set up for the same Locale you’re actually in?

  4. Have you modified anything in your Brave folder?

  5. Did you backup your Brave folder and then install it on a different device?

  6. Do you purposely open a crapload of New Tab pages and all to try to maximize earnings?

  7. Trying to use an emulator or something rather than a legitimate device?

I mean, there’s more, but those are kind of the common sense things that get people.

None of the above, I’m using three separate devices since October 2021.
I’m located in Canada and I do use VPN’s sometimes but that should be allowed to protect my privacy on the internet!

My devices:

HP Laptop / Windows 10 operating system.
Samsung S7 Edge / Android
Samsung Galaxy Tab / Android

I already submitted a request but I needed to make this known publicly so you fix it permanently.
I love using my brave browser on the daily and I appreciate your efforts!

Only if you are appearing in the same region you’re in. If you want to have your VPN to appear somewhere else, then you need to turn off Brave Ads during those periods. The reason is Brave determines what ads to show you based on a combination of your IP Address and device’s Locale settings. So if you’re in Canada but using a VPN to appear in Japan (just pretend with me), it will go to show you Canada ads (if that’s what your Time Zone and Language is set to), but then it will see you in Japan IP address. It will then present an internal error and you’ll get no BAT for that ad. If this happens enough times, it assumes you’re trying to bypass ad restrictions and you’ll get flagged.

So yeah, that could be at least one of your issues. Same with Proxy servers which block your location/IP, it will get you flagged after a while.

Just a FYI, I’m not with Brave. I do spend a lot of time here helping people and the Community Ninja thing is just badge/title given by Brave to recognize people who have been a lot of help.

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Yes, I do connect to other countries using the VPN.

Awesome! keep it up.

If so, then with the current situation, for example, I am Vietnamese, my friend is Turkish, and other Japanese friends all live in the US, and the device is set according to their national language using the browser. brave can still be flagged normally, and uphold can’t be added to withdraw money. without using Vpn or proxy is still banned

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Hi @ytloki98, if you haven’t already please submit a ticket here with your Wallet Payment ID - https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431. Thanks!

Bruh, i was verified my Wallet in my laptop for a while… today, brave automatically unverified itself and now I can’t re-verify my wallet because, of regional issue in india… i mean what the hell! Bro… how I’m supposed to get my bats to my wallet now… why its unverified itself in the first place… why so many bugs :person_facepalming:

You don’t

Because it always automatically signs out after so many days. It’s a security thing

Correct, India and many other countries are no longer supported. This means you can’t link Brave to Uphold or Gemini. They will eventually add the region again.

It’s not a bug. It was a choice made by Brave, Uphold, and Gemini.

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I’ve made a request and am awaiting your response.
I’m hoping for a long-term solution so I won’t have to contact you as frequently.

All depends on their settings and which device. For example, Android chooses your region at the same time you select your language. Windows actually differentiates between language and region. But they do still kind of roll together.

For example, one person had written in:

I see the ads, but my friend which use Windows 10 can not see them, we both live in Costa Rica but in different zones (He lives in Heredia and I live in San José)

basically, this seems to be an issue of locales, I will match his locales and try again

What solved it:

matching the locale on WIndows 10 ( Español (Costa Rica) instead of Español (Latinoamerica) ) fixed the issue for him.

In a similar fashion, you had person at Few ads dont pay

They did English-GB but lived in India. It didn’t work right for them until they went English-IN to mean English (India).

Just have to make sure whichever language is chosen, you also have the device showing your location.

And yes, VPN if it doesn’t match your system can get you flagged. Proxy is not allowed at all, as it will obscure your information from Brave and they can’t verify what ads to serve you…so you’ll get nothing and then can have system flag you in the end.

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Bruh, i already have so many bats carry forward more than 3 months because of that major bug which is still not fixed, now the wallet also unverified… what happens if something happens to my phone or any crashes which led to reset phone… then how do i backup my bats?? Uh!.. you should’ve atleast tell us a way to manually backup brave bats incase that happens ryt… It such a pain in the a**.

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