Showing unsupported region

Hello, I have been disconnected form my uphold account and when today I was going to connect it back an error message used to pop up showing unsupported region whereas I have checked the list of supported region and my country is there.
Why is this so? Please help me

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It would help if you tried to search the forum first, by clicking on the magnifying glass and then put in “unsupported region.” If you did this, you could have found the Topics below which would have given you the answer:

Please always take your time to research before creating Topics. Otherwise it ends up bogged down and makes it harder for others to find answers, because then they have to sort past yours and everyone elses who did not take time to look first.

India is not in the supported region man. They temporarily disabled it. Just collect your BAT in your browser for now.

Thanks for answering. I got one link to show the supported regions and India was there. Its my fault that I didn’t went ahead and searched more for the unsupported region links.
I hope support in India will resume soon.

Also I would like to know that Uphold verification is unavailable at the moment, untill when it comes back can I use Gemini to claim the rewards?

Malaysia may be geographical linked to Singapore. But they are independent countries with independent governments and different regulations :slight_smile:

Well, it seems that Gemini not only have to update their website, but also have to inform Brave about the latest updates.
I hope your issue can be solved soon.

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