Showing unsupported region

Hello, I have been disconnected form my uphold account and when today I was going to connect it back an error message used to pop up showing unsupported region whereas I have checked the list of supported region and my country is there.
Why is this so? Please help me

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It would help if you tried to search the forum first, by clicking on the magnifying glass and then put in “unsupported region.” If you did this, you could have found the Topics below which would have given you the answer:

Please always take your time to research before creating Topics. Otherwise it ends up bogged down and makes it harder for others to find answers, because then they have to sort past yours and everyone elses who did not take time to look first.

India is not in the supported region man. They temporarily disabled it. Just collect your BAT in your browser for now.

Thanks for answering. I got one link to show the supported regions and India was there. Its my fault that I didn’t went ahead and searched more for the unsupported region links.
I hope support in India will resume soon.

Also I would like to know that Uphold verification is unavailable at the moment, untill when it comes back can I use Gemini to claim the rewards?

After checked the Gemini area of availability web page, Malaysia is not supported. So I wrote email to Gemini inquired whether a Malaysia resident with bank accounts in Singapore, US, UK, Australia & New Zealand (supported by Gemini) that enable Gemini to pay Brave Rewards like to a local to these accounts are supported or not? They then reassure me that actually Malaysia is supported but they are updating Gemini website.

So I created an account and get verified with Gemini. But when I tried to link Brave Rewards to my Gemini account, Brave Rewards show region not supported error. Why do Brave Rewards want to restrict us geographically while the current technology, financial and transport facilities can link us together? Don’t you know that Malaysia and Singapore are just a few miles away and are link by road, air or water? Hope we can make this work.

Malaysia may be geographical linked to Singapore. But they are independent countries with independent governments and different regulations :slight_smile:

Well, it seems that Gemini not only have to update their website, but also have to inform Brave about the latest updates.
I hope your issue can be solved soon.

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I agreed that they are independent governments and regulations. But
we have a lot of common bilateral and multilateral economic and trade
agreements that facilitate a lot of economic, financial and cross border
transactions, cooperation and travels.

Yes, earlier, I thought the area of availability is only applicable to
Gemini, so I inquired them to confirm the availability and assumed they
have informed and working with Brave on that matter.

While Brave and Gemini working on that matter, on the other hand, on my
case, I also have bank accounts in Singapore, USA, UK, Australia and
New Zealand (these nations are supported by both Brave & Gemini) and
these accounts enable me to receive payments in these respective
currencies in these nations like the locals (no wire charges). So in
order to get me verify and register with Brave and Gemini, we can change
my address with the one says in USA to facilitate Brave Rewards payment
into my Gemini account. It requires help or assistance from both
authorized Brave and Gemini staff as I think the current Brave and
Gemini system interface might not be intelligent enough or configured to
execute such process. Whatever bank account information and address in
the US required, I can provide and change as required.

Hence, I look forward to your further reply for our further progress.

Thank you and have a pleasant day ahead.