Region not supported but my region is supported

I am from India and my region is supported as I have already connected my account to uphold. But today both gemini and uphold say the region is not supported. Please help.

Check the latest updates. India is not supported.

When will that be fixed?

When do people vote for a new crypto friendly government in India? :slight_smile:
Most exchanges are running away from India due to the aggressive regulations against crypto.

Brave states that this is temporary and they are working with Uphold to fix it. I hope they are successful.

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Same problem with me also region not supported

As others said, hopefully it can get resolved and taken care of. Part of the issue is on regulations. There’s been some new legal changes, which you can see at

But the other issue right now is having people who are out there doing things wrong. Such as information shared by someone else that I’ll share below (with links blocked out by me)

A similar issue was happening with Philippines and all, which is why they no longer were able to connect. Once there’s a large rise in fraudulent activity, especially people stealing/buying other people’s identities…there’s going to be a hold on things.

Will already connected wallets receive BAT in July ?
for India
Thank you

No, there will be no received payments to Uphold or Gemini if you are in India. At least there shouldn’t be, not until they allow Brave to be connected to them again.

Wondering how these sellers creating mass Uphold, Gemini wallets when users have to do KYC in order to verify themselves?
You guys could enforce cooldown system like in order to link Brave with Uphold (or other custodial wallets) the wallet account should have to be Two to Thee months older?

Basically these are being sold by people who stole identities, which is a crime. And in the past one of the reasons why there was a limit on how many devices could be linked was to reduce the chances of fraud.

There are a lot of things always being worked on but security isn’t easy. The same with government regulations about reporting money and information. Sadly businesses like Brave, Uphold, etc have a lot to worry about.

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I see! Well Illegal activities are present in every stuffs! All we can do is to make their way more harder for them to work illegally!

Using Brave from a long time and the small rewards which Brave giving us is like cheery on top! Hope Brave don’t ban the whole country for these activities!:upside_down_face:

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Well, it’s the reason why they banned Philippines and Vietnam anyway. India has been a big headache for a lot of reasons but hopefully it’ll be resolved soon. Though “soon” may be several months or longer. Philippines ban has been since January.

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