Error region not supported

Showing this when trying to verify
Error region not supported what can I do now? I am from India

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It says it in link but I’m going to say it again, please search this site first before posting in the future. When you create topics like you just did, you make it harder for others to find answers. Not to mention, it really does get annoying answering. Too many people are posting DAILY even though it’s already been answered.

Short answer: You can do nothing but wait. There are no exchanges to Verify with. India is unsupported. But you can still see ads and earn BAT.


Saoiray, bless your heart!!!

Id like to ask soiray, If the region is not supported and im not able to link the wallet. Where does the BAT go every month? The rewards gets wiped clean from my account and it doesnt show in my balance. So this is confusing me. Does Brave keep hold of it until i link a wallet?

If not going to Uphold/Gemini, then it should show for you to claim and store in your browser.

If that’s the case, you need to open a Support Ticket so someone from Brave can look into it and try to provide you with answers. In order to create a Support Ticket, complete their form at

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But why so? Why India is unsupported? When can we expect to be supported? And again we can verify in India.

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Thanks a bunch! Ive just raised a ticket so hopefully ill get a response quick. Will keep you posted on the matter! Thanks a lot for the help!

So no issues on this front! The BAT for this month was credited to the account on the stipulated day. Not sure how that turned around, but thanks again saoiray !

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