Region is not supported for Brave Rewards

Error: region not supported
Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot
be verified because your region is not
supported for Brave Rewards verification
at this time. Why im getting this notification why I’m getting to login & unable to login and even got some bat token in wallet yesterday and when logging it shows like this

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What region do you live?

India but i was getting rewards last week unfortunately i got logout when i tried to login it showing msg like this

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Gemini in India is no more available, you can collect BAT in brave as usual but right now you can’t withdraw them. You got logged out cause the linking to your browser is no more valid, even if see it verified it’s a matter of time.

Wt abt uphold

from uphold I’m unable to login

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Not sure about Uphold, search in rewards support. But if it says “region not supported” suspect it is.

I’m having the same issue , India was supported last month but suddenly it isn’t . HELPPP!!


I’m getting tired of everyone creating new topics without searching the forum. Hundreds of people already asked the same thing. I’m just going to reference you to one of my responses elsewhere…

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what should we do now??? how much time should we wait???

I am using brave app throughout many months and I also get credit BAT in my uphold account but throughout last one month I don’t get my last month BAT in my uphold account, and also my this month BAT is also not increasing they stop at the point after which they don’t increase,
Please show my these two problem so I can get better experience on this app…

I am facing the same issue with Uphold in India. I was able to login about a month ago, and i saw my account being logged out. I see the same messeage. Dunno what to do or why this is happening?

HI i am using uphold…But its says region not supported…How to solve this issue i am From INDIA…

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