I've been using Brave on Android for Months, Get Ads Notifications, No BAT Ever

Description of the issue:

Zero BAT balance, never offered to claim BAT.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use Brave on Android for months.
  2. See lots of Brave Ad notifications, open some that might be interesting.
  3. Never get any BAT or any offer to claim BAT.

Expected result:


Brave Version( check About Brave):

1.22.71 (kept up-to-date by Play store)

Mobile Device details

Pixel 3

Additional Information:

Frequent user of Proton VPN.

Hi @lin.david.y, what about estimated pending BAT, have you never seen a BAT amount there?

Make sure Brave ads are supported in your region (use ‘Find’ to quickly find your country):

If your region is supported, it’s the use of a VPN that is likely the issue.

EDIT: Here are some threads I’ve come across discussing the use of VPNs. When you’ve time, you could look through them and see if this may be the cause of your issue.

Sorry for the late update. It was my ProtonVPN usage. I disabled their NetShield blocking of ads and trackers and I recently received some BAT.

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