Recent problem 29 may to 1 june

  1. Estimate bat decreased
  2. Ads rewards rate decreased
  3. No ads today
  4. No response from admins

Hi @Ramees1996 - we’ll need for info in order to help.

What OS and Brave version are you on?
What country are you in?
Are you using a VPN?
Have you installed any new extensions?

Thanks in advance!

@steeven ave android version 1.8.112
Country india
Not using vpn
No new extension

Hi @steeven I am also facing the same issue and my android OS version is 10 and brave version is 1.8.112 and I am from India, and I did not install any new extension. The problem is today my bat reduced by 0.5 and I am not getting ads and also I got only 0.1 bat for around 10 ads

Same issues over here BAT reducing drastically :broken_heart:

Hi @Ramees1996 - the next payout is scheduled for Friday. If you do not receive the expected amount please let me know. Thank you.

@steeven the ad rewards rate is back to normal.and i am ok with missing(just .4 bats)rewards .thanks for the response :+1:

awesome, glad to hear it @Ramees1996!

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