Not earning BAT rewards even though viewing ads. Using VPN

Hi there,

I’m viewing Brave Ads every day, but it seems I’m not earning any BAT anymore. Is it possible that my VPN is creating this problem even though I’m still able to view the ads? The server I’m using is in the United States, but the VPN company is headquartered in a different country. I just want to know if this has something to do with it. I was earning some BAT in the past.

I also realized from other posts that people are linking their Uphold account to Brave. Do you have to do this in order to received the BAT, for example if I tip my own website?

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What vpn are you using ?

I am using ProtonVPN.

It turns out I received all the BAT I viewed after all. I guess less ads were sent to me in that period of time but whether I use a VPN or not, I am seeing my Brave Rewards add up. Thank you everyone for making this a better browser. I’m seeing how it has improved.

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