Vpn + brave desktop

Hi guys,

I live in Malta and I’m using a vpn (Private vpn) connected to France or Germany with brave, I was expecting ads to popup but after a week nada! Ads/Rewards are activated to 5 ads per hour. Also tried different location for the vpn

I’m clueless, if anybody can help

Thanks in advance

@Frite Thanks for reaching out. That’s the expected behavior. You will not be able to see any Ads if you use a VPN which connects to ads supported region.


ty for you reply, its too bad. May I ask why? And also how brave knows if I’m in France using a vpn


@Frite Ads programming will collect the IP + locale information from OS. If IP + Locale criteria matches only then Ads will be served to the user. Please go through the post which will answer most of your questions FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


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thanks for helping @gsarvadnya