Using for a month and didn't get a single BAT

I’ve been using brave everyday for a month and I didn’t receive any BAT :((

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Hi @Saffy,

Welcome to community! What OS and Brave version are you using? Are Ads enabled on your device? If not you can follow this link for a step by step guid on how to set it up -

I was using the old version (before the update) for a month, I have been using it for a month and didn’t receive any BAT and then I updated it now and the I’ve enabled the Ads (I’ve watched one and earned .1 BAT) but how about that 1 month I spent and got nothing? :(( I always check the brave rewards but I have zero :((

Glad that you’re now all set to receive ads! Using Brave without enabling Ads isn’t a guarantee that you’ll you’ll receive BAT, but you’re all set going forward!

Aww, I thought I was going to get paid by using browser everyday :confused: Ads wasn’t available om Android until a few days ago.

Hi! Same for me! I’m French but I’m in a foreign Asian country for a long duration right now.
Do I have a way to set my country to France and have access to Ads?

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