Is it possible to increase some ads and BAT using VPN?

Hlw sir @steeven and others developer

I am from india.
When i start to use brave browser i get more ads ads Bat token for ads reward. But from this month, i didn’t received much ads and Bat also. Also received ads but no bat increase…
Before this month i received nearly 15-20 ads per day.

But from this month i only received 3-4 ads hardly in a whole day after using browser near about 7-10 hours.

Is there any problem or possibility If i use VPN for receive some extra ads from brave??

Kindly reply this message…

I hope many people has same problem.


IF you don’t mind (repeat, IF) having your time zone changed to US (say CDT), then you can earn more. I tried VPN, and I believe having US time zone is better.

Search for “change time zones” to change it; it’s different for different computers.

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