No ads again and am at a loss

So I have been receiving ads through the rewards system since mid January using ExpressVPN. I am setting it to Singapore and received ads several times per hour Until it totally stopped about 10 days ago. I have had a small issue every once and awhile I will not get ads for about 10 hours for unexplained reasons but on the last few days of a month from the 28th until the 1st of the next month I will not receive any ads through this period. My ads stopped on 24th and as I said before I haven’t received them since. Often times closing the browser and starting fresh will fix the issue or even restarting my computer but this does not seem to be the case anymore.


Are you saying that you don’t get any ads anymore by cheating the system?

How is it cheating the system when the two vpn I utilized were advertised by Brave?

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Damn, never thought of it that way :thinking:

I´m not going to say nothing because i sometimes use a vpn, i use ProtonVPN in free servers (lol).

Anyway, what i know is that BRAVE doesn´t allow vpns to cheat the reward system getting ads from other contries. In other words, you can use them but you shouldn´t receive ads. I know that in your case you received several ads now and then while using it, like you describe, but it´s not allowed by the reward system, i think the reason of why they appear is a bug.

The fact is that from other threads here and in the net, well, BRAVE registers your original IP when you fist connect to the servers, if that IP doesn´t match you don´t receive ads because your cheating the system.

Now, to explain your ads while using a vpn, maybe is due to IPV6. The VPNs actually don´t support IPV6 only IPV4.

What i´m trying to say is that, for example: i use ProtonVPN, but to be compleatly anonymous i have to disable IPV6 because in other way, sometimes the servers assign to me an ip type 6.

So, even if i use a vpn and this gives me an IP from Corea (an IPV4), well, it doesn´t matter because some websites or servers are pre-configure to accept and use IPV6 to work in the case where your/my computer has one assigned. This is call IP leak if i remember well.
In summary, if i have an IPV6 they know that i´m in USA/Mexico even if the vpn says i´m Corea because they aren´t tracking me with my IPV4 assigned by the VPNs provider.

In other words you were receiving ads probably because you had an IPV6 assigned while connecting to BRAVE servers. And is logically, because i have seen that while i have disabled IPV6 and my VPN on, well the number of ads decrease or in sometimes i don´t see any while the vpn is turn on.

In any case, is a bug

PD: sorry for the edits but my english is rusty

@schrome @HungryCh3f

Yeah, according to them, you won’t receive ads if they pick up that you use a vpn for international locations. I don’t think you will have a problem if you use VPN locally for your own private safety.

So they advertise for several vpn services but we aren’t allowed to use them. Seems hypocritical to me.

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Lets hope soon everything will be fine.

You’re allowed to use them, but they won’t grant you more ads. Seems logical to me.


Yes, i edited my comment to give the correct idea.

But yes, you can use them like normally, but it´s not allowed by the BRAVE reward system to get ads from other countries or getting more ads.

Sorry for the inconvinience


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