Earning BATs using VPNs?

I live in the middle east and need to use a VPN on my computer while I work. It is a violation of the of the Terms of Service to earn BAT while using a VPN where the selected country is the USA or Germany? Danke!

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understood that it is not allowed, the system can detect your account as fraud by not seeing the ads that correspond to your country.

I believe ragr28 awnser is wrong, I have never read anywhere that you can not use a VPN and I have seen many advertisements from VPN companies in Brave.

It would be really ironic if they were advertising a product that you are not allowed to use.


ok, then i misunderstood, anyway, can any administrator confirm this? @eljuno

I am not seeking to commit any fraud. I need a vpn for work and route my signal through a different country than where I live. I’d like to use Brave and I’d like to also earn BATs but I do not wish to violate any terms or acquire BAT in a manner that is in discord with the design and intention of the system. Hopefully we can receive some clarity on this. :slight_smile:

Hello friend, I understand your problem well. I hope that some administrator responds so they clarify our doubts. regards :smiley:


I posted this question on r/batproject and they encouraged me to use vpn for more security reasons. So don’t worry.


Does that impact your BAT earning abilities? Is the country you are located in on the list, so to speak?

Of what i know they are not allowed, well, if you are trying to use them to get more ads, they are not allowed, if you use them and you see ads:.

  1. You have a bug
  2. You are using IPV6 (from your ISP provider) so you have an IP leak since VPNs only give IPV4 for the moment. (Just disable IPV6 in your computer).

So in resume, you can use them, but it´s not allowed when trying to incresse the number of ads seen or get ads from other regions, in those cases the ads server will not give you ads while the vpn is active.

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How do I fix the bug and turn off the IPV6? Seems counterintuitive that a browser all about privacy does not approve of a VPN. But what do I know?

To disable IPV6 when using a VPN depends on your O.S. for example if you are in Windows 10 you can use this guide:

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Hello, and why should I disable ipv6 since I am not very clear about the information?


Is not a law to disable it, it´s just a recomendation when using VPNS.

When you are browsing the internet your ISP assigns you an IP, this IP can be use to identify where are you fisically and depending on the IPs available it can be an IPV4 or an IPV6.

Saying that, internet actually runs on two IPs like mention:
IPV4 : the actual standard, you can have and identify 4300 billon devices connected to internet
IPV6: the new one, you can have this number: 340.282.366.920.938.463.463.374.607.431.768.211.456 of identified devices connected to internet

Why is this?

Actually we are 7 billion people around the world and like you can see IPv4 has got short so the recomandation is to use IPV6 in the future.

But what´s up with VPNs?
Due to IPV6 is a new standard most of VPN providers don´t support it, they only give IPV4 to their users.

So what´s the problem?
If your ISP or the server you are connecting to gives you an IPV6, it doen´t matter that you are using a VPN if the server or website is pre-configure to use preferently IPv6 to work.

In other words, and it happend to me, that´s why i´m saying this to you:

If you VPN gives you an IPV4 and says that you are in Corea but your ISP assing you an IPV6 and you are in USA for example.

If you check in, let´s say YouTube, internally YouTube knows that you are in the USA because they are using your IPv6 to track you and know what type of content is going to appear in you main page.

In other words is just a security concern while the VPNs providers update their services to support IPV6.


Ok, I already understood, thank you very much for the explanation

You don´t have to disable anything, the information ambrocioisaias2080 has posted about IPv6 and VPN is wrong, he has also provided no proof that VPNs are not allowed, if you read the post he links to, nowhere there it says VPNs not allowed.

@yubi in the precise context of using vpn to get ads of other contries or trying to increse the number of ads per month is not allowed, the BRAVE servers will soon or later detect this and will not give you ads while using them, sometimes they can block your ip for that precise service. That´s the part that i´m trying to explain with the links.

I mean, you can use them, that´s okey, but using them with the exact purpose of cheating the BRAVE ads system is other thing.

In the other case refering to IPV6 disable. Is a recomendation and i posted it because it happened to me while using several VPNs, protonVPN is one of them.

In other words they are allowed by the browser it self, yes, but by the reward system, no, maybe i didn´t give the correct meaning/idea, sorry for that.

Edit: i edited the previous comment to give the correct meaning, thanks for your annotation.

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